With its eight kilometers of sand and a spectacular view over mountain Velebit, Kraljičina plaža (Queen’s beach) is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

It is located in the small and charming town of Nin, which is 17 kilometers northwest from Zadar in the Dalmatia region in Croatia. Make sure you check out my separate post about this Croatian city and its rich history.

People at Queen's beach in Nin, Croatia

People enjoying Queen’s beach in Nin, Croatia

The legend says the wife of the first Croatian king Tomislav liked this beach very much and often brought the royal family here, thus the name that was given to the place.

Blue sky and beach cabin with fish nets at Queen's beach in Nin, Croatia

The charming Queen’s beach offers a lot of fun for everybody

Kraljičina plaža or Queen’s beach is a sandy beach with no pebbles or rock formations whatsoever, which is quite rare in Dalmatia. Located in a shallow lagoon, the beach is perfect for family trips with small children. One needs to walk or swim in the sea for some 500 meters before the water gets deeper. The water temperature is also higher than the usual for this region.
Sandy beach, blue sky and people at Queen's beach in Nin, Croatia

Sunny day at Queen’s beach

Great place for kids

There is a parking right before the beach and it costs HRK 30 or about EUR 4 for the whole day.

The place is really nice and it is the most suitable for kids beach I have ever seen. That being said, there are a lot of children in the central and widest part of the beach. If one wants to enjoy some quite time it is better to walk a bit and select a spot away from the main beach area.

The beach reminded me very much of the beaches at the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, because of the sand and the shallow and warmer water.

Blue sky and blue sea water

Quite the relaxing experience, ha?

Another cool thing about Kraljičina plaža is that the total length of the beach is actually eight kilometers. If you walk through the whole beach, you’ll find yourself in the next settlement on the road called Sabunike. This place also offers plenty of accommodation and fast access to the beach.

Sandy beach, umbrellas and the sea at Queen's beach

At the beach


There weren’t many healthy food options on Kraljičina plaža. Visitors can get pancakes, French fries, hot dogs or burgers. If you’re not into fried stuff, make sure you bring some food with you.

As of August 2018, there’s only one beach bar/café and it is always full, but we managed to get a table. However, I don’t consider these disadvantages. This adds to the place’s charm and makes you feel you’re at a more isolated and remote location.

Beach bar with orange chairs full of poeple

The only cafe/bar at the beach

Medicinal mud

Blue sky and people enjoying medicinal mud at Ninsko blato, Croatia

Ninsko blato at Kraljičina plaža

Right behind the beach, there is a plateau well known for its medicinal mud, which has healing powers and is believed to cure many diseases. It’s a must to try out the medicinal mud or peloid. It is healthy and a lot of fun! In addition, it provides great photo material and will make your skin really smooth. People with health problems come here and do 7-10 day treatments.

Blonde girl with medicinal mud on her body at Ninsko blato in Croatia

This is a lot of fun and leaves your skin so nice!

People putting on medicinal mud at Ninsko blato in Croatia

People enjoying Ninsko blato

Kraljičina plaža provides amazing views and landscape, great nature experiences and a lot of family fun. You should definitely consider visiting it, especially if you are traveling with small children.


Let me know if you need more information or advice in the comments below.

Blue sky, green trees and a sandy beach

There is also some natural shadow at Queen’s beach