Zablaće or Zablace, as it is spelled in English, is a little-known small settlement of villas and two camping sites located right next to Amadria Park in the Dalmatia region in Croatia. Don’t confuse the place with Zablaće Camping Resort in Baška on the Krk island in the northern part of Croatia.

Zablaće consists of villas, some of which are rented to tourists during the summer season, and two camping sites at the beginning and at the end of the place. The air is fresh, the sea water is crystal clear here and the nature and nearby islands provide awesome views.

Rocky beach, blue sea and cloudy sky in Zablace, Croatia

The beautiful sea

Camp Zablaće

The bigger and nicer camping and also one of my favorite places to swim and relax in this area is located right next to Amadria Park’s camping. Its name is camping Zablaće and it is an old school place, which does not even have a website. Nevertheless, there are visitors, usually from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, who probably know about the place from word to mouth information and have been coming here for some time.

The entrance of camp Zablaće in Croatia

The entrance of camp Zablaće

Blue sea and the beach at camp Zablaće in Croatia

The beach at camp Zablaće

The location of camp Zablaće is perfect and it is much cheaper than staying in more glamorous Amadra Park that is less than a kilometer away. If you are a budget traveler, this is your place!
Young blonde woman smiling at the beach at camp Zablaće in Croatia

Me enjoying camp Zablaće, August 2018

Even during the high season 15 July – 15 August this camp site is far from full, which I consider a great advantage having in mind the crowds of tourists in some Croatian destinations. Well, there is kind of a disadvantage, too. The camping is right next to the seaside, but the coast is not reserved or fenced in any way, so anyone can come at the beach and enjoy the place. These are usually local elderly people and, more rarely, families with small children. And then, there’s me 🙂

All in all, camp Zablaće is never crowded. Walking through the camping is also possible as access is free. I took my daughter for a walk there several times this summer when we went to the Zablaće beach and took some shots of the place.

Trees and the blue sea at camp Zablaće in Croatia

Inside camp Zablaće

Natural shadow from the trees camp Zablaće in Croatia

Camp Zablaće is rarely crowded


Second camping site in Zablaće

The second camp is located at the other end of Zablaće. It is also old school and hasn’t been renovated in a long time, but the beach next to it is not that charming. Haven’t checked any prices, but it sure looks cheap to stay there.

This camp also rents rooms – there are a few buildings inside it with a sea view. There’s also a nice and authentic beach bar. Still, this one does not attract me and I would not consider spending time there.

Trees and entrance of a camping site in Zablaće in Croatia

The entrance of the second camp site in Zablaće

People sitting and drinkingat beach bar in Zablaće in Croatia

Beach bar Fortuna is right next to the entrance of the second camp in Zablaće

What else is there in Zablaće?

The rest of Zablaće is full of houses, which are mainly used in the summer for vacation purposes. Some of the villas look impressive and luxurious and many are rented out in the summer. It’s a sure thing you can find accommodation in Zablaće on the booking sites you use. Many Šibenik residents have houses in Zablaće and come to live here for a couple of months in the summer in order to be closer to the beach. Others live here throughout the year and work in Šibenik.

Blue cloudy sky and a two-floor villa in Zablaće in Croatia

Villa in Zablaće

Blue cloudy sky, a palm tree and a villa by the sea

Villas in Zablaće

There are bus connections to Šibenik and one can walk on foot to Amadria Park aka Solaris. Coming with car is easy and there is free parking in the center of Zablaće. Still, be sure you park your vehicle properly and at the allowed areas. Otherwise you’ll be fined HRK 300 or around EUR 40.

Several cafes and restaurants are located in the center of Zablaće, right next to camp Zablaće, so you won’t stay thirsty or hungry. There is just one bakery where all the locals go in the morning to buy bread and breakfast.

Mediterranean building, clock and the Croatian flag in Zablaće in Croatia

In the center of Zablaće

Old school graffiti art of fish drinking beer in Zablaće, Croatia

Even the graffiti art in Zablaće is kind of old school

Yachting and boats

Zablaće has a small marina, where you’ll find a place for your vessel. I haven’t seen many yachts there, but it is probably because these stop at larger places with more entertainment.

Small boat at the marina in Zablaće, Croatia

The marina in Zablaće

Let me know what you think of the place!

Blue sky, blue sea and a beach in Zablaće, Croatia

Beach in Zablaće