Traveling with children can be tricky. Every parent finds out (sooner, not later) that the fun travel experience with kids depends on so many factors! Starting from your child’s current mood, and going through his or her personal preferences – a simple one-day trip can be either heaven or hell!

Writing my “Visiting with children” series, I provide you with an overview of a travel destination or attraction and what if like to visit with a baby, toddler, children or teenagers.

Is the Valley of the temples a fine attraction to visit with children?

The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is a top archeological attraction in Italy, Europe and the world. It is also one of the top sites to see in Sicily but it is not the best place to visit with a kid.

Getting to Agrigento and the temples is actually the main reason I don’t consider coming here with kids a good idea. The complex is far away from the big cities in Sicily (Palermo and Catania), so you’ll be traveling a good 5+ hours both ways to reach Agrigento. And that is if you visit with your own vehicle. Coming with a train or bus means a lot more time spent on the road.

I have a lot of tricks entertaining my Anna on a road trip. Still, we were a bit tired of riding the car and not in the best of moods when we got in the Valley. Then we had to find out where to park, wait for a taxi to bring us to the entrance, and walk around a lot…

Family at the valley of temples

We are the champions 🙂
The temple of Juno is behind us


Moving around the temples with children

So, another huge thing to consider in the valley, is the walking around. You will have to walk some 3, 4 km (1.8 – 2.5 mi) which will be difficult for any toddler, so bring your stroller for sure. Also, have in mind that some areas and stairs are difficult to explore with a stroller.

The good news is there is a shuttle bus available for EUR 3 per person. We didn’t see it around, so make sure you ask how it works when getting your tickets.

Father and baby at the valley of temples

My husband pushing the stroller while I take pictures


Entertainment for kids in the valley

Well, this section will be short. There is no corner for children or children-related sections in the temple complex.

Ruins may be exciting to climb on occasion but this pleasure is not available at the Valley of the Temples, or it is limited here or there.

There is one cafeteria in the middle of the valley, with drinks and toilets, but no tables to sit at.

Mother and child sitting in the Valley of Temples

Sitting at some ruins in the valley


Ticket info

Admission to the valley costs EUR 10 per a grown-up and EUR 5 per child. Babies and toddlers get inside for free. The entrance is also free every first Sunday of the month.

More seasonal info on the tickets here.

Woman in the valley of temples

I tried to pose for this one but Anna distracted me!


What else to have in mind when visiting the valley with children

Visitors are most likely to come to the Valley in the summer months, as we did. It was pretty hot outside even though we came in the late afternoon. For instance, we used the sun protection cover of our stroller so that Anna won’t be affected.

The Conclusion

In many cases this temple complex won’t be appealing to babies, toddlers, or young children because there is no entertainment for them. Still, you know your kids best and you know best for your family!

Like I said, in my opinion the Valley of the Temples is not the best place to visit with young children. On the other hand, teenagers are more likely to appreciate the valley because they will be able to understand the history of the place. They are also capable of walking a lot, so there you go ; )

Anna and daddy in front of the Temple of Concordia

Anna and daddy in front of the most popular temple int he valley – the Temple of Concordia


Planning a trip to Sicily? Did you find this post useful? What other attractions are you planning to visit?