Prague has so much to offer! I’ve been in the capital of the Czech Republic two times. The first time, with my then future husband, and the second, with him and our baby girl, when she was one (November 2018). Still, we haven’t seen so many things! The fact is Prague is a big city, the city center is huge and there is a lot to see and do. Traveling with children, you need to plan your program in a way they enjoy the city and don’t get too tired.

Is Prague a good destination to visit with children?

Being the beautiful city that it is, Prague is a good destination to visit in general, no matter how old one is. My personal feeling is that Prague is more appropriate for solo, couple and group traveling than traveling with babies or children. Prague is famous for being a party destination as well as marijuana and cannabis-friendly location. Let’s not forget all the bars and beer around!

That being said, some teenagers and young adults will probably be intrigued with Prague and love the party energy of this old European city. They will also handle the distances in the city better than younger children and appreciate the historic value of what they see more.

Prague shot from the Prague castle

Prague is beautiful as seen from the Prague castle hill, but be sure you don’t climb it with a baby stroller!

For instance, one of the city’s landmarks, Pražský hrad, is a huge castle complex. You can spend a whole day just there, but a younger child would not appreciate being at that particular place so long. On the other hand, a teenager would be impressed with most of its features and could last longer.

Spending three days in Prague with a baby, on our way to Salzburg, we liked our stay a lot. The most difficult thing was moving around with the stroller at some parts of the city. Other than that, baby Anna enjoyed Prague, the restaurants and the attractions in the city center.

Baby girl plays with a trained dove in Prague

Anna touching a trained dove at the Charles Bridge


Moving around Prague with children

If you are traveling with a baby, be prepared! Some parts of the city have too much climbing and going up, which is difficult to do with a baby stroller. Plan your activities accordingly, so you don’t have to climb the hill to go to the Prague castle, for example.

The most of the city center is flat, but many streets are paved with small stones. Thus, the surface is kind of bumpy and, of course, not the easiest option for a baby stroller.

Baby in a baby stroller in Prague

Most of the streets in the city center of Prague are paved like the one on this pic

Also, you will need to use some kind of public transport for sure. Even if staying in the city center, distances are long, so just walking on foot will be difficult.

Traveling with older children or teenagers, you’ll be more flexible with walking around the beautiful city of Prague. Plus, they will be more willing to take a rest and spend some time at a coffee place or a restaurant. Anna was a bit impatient with us haveing our coffees and meals 🙂

Entertainment for children in Prague

I must start with the Prague Zoo, which is one of the biggest zoos in Europe and proclaimed the 5th best zoo in the world. It is outside the city center, but there are plenty of public transport options to get there. Actually, the coolest way to get there is on a boat on the Vltava river. There is a steamboat getting visitors to the zoo from April to October several times a day. This way you’ll have two fun activities for your kids – get them on a boat and then at the zoo.

A boat on Vltava River in Prague, the Czech Republic

A boat on Vltava River

The Toy Museum is among the attractions you can visit at the Prague castle complex. It is a relatively small museum, which displays older toys. We were not able to check it out, but it sure sounds like a family fun activity. Let me know what you think of it, if you visited. Even if you don’t see the Toy Museum, you’ll be seeing lots of marionettes around Prague.

The Kampa Musuem of modern art

Kapma Museum in Prague

Kampa Museum from outside

The most fun baby Anna had in Prague was at the Kampa Museum of Modern Art. I have to admit that Anna probably bothered the other visitors at the museum, but they were nice enough not to make a fuss.

Kampa Museum in Prague from inside

Anna loved how the Kampa Museum is arranged

We saw two exhibitions – Picasso’s and Frantisek Kupka’s. Since Anna loves looking at pictures on the wall in general, she enjoyed these very much and screamed out of happiness numerous times. Even if you don’t think a museum of modern art is the place for your kid/s, check out the park outside and the famous baby statues when around.

Baby statues in Prague at the Kapma park

Kids love this giant baby statues 🙂

Street fun

Finally, what I like a lot about Prague is that is has a lot of street fun – trained birds, funny clowns, marionette shows, performing musicians, you name it, it is there! Our Anna was impressed with all of these and your kids will probably like them, too.

A giant dancing Panda at the main square in Prague

A giant dancing Panda at the main square in Prague


Safety in Prague

You should be careful with your belongings anywhere these days. Pickpockets love tourists. Prague felt pretty safe during the day and we had no accidents of any kind.

Prague at night, on the other hand, is not the safest place out there. There are plenty of suspicious men just standing at the main square and around in the city center, trying to talk to you and involve you in some criminal activity. Every time this happened we just ignored them and walked our way. However, it was strange that this happened at 7:30PM, which I consider too early for that kind of trouble.

Main square in Prague at night

Prague is beautiful at the evening, but not so safe!


Places not suitable for children in Prague

I cannot think of a certain place that is an absolute no-no for children in Prague, but keep in mind the below.

Prague is an entertaining place with many bars and beer places, as I mentioned earlier. Many stores offer marijuana biscuits, cookies, lollipops, soups, etc. You’ll see marijuana leaves attracting customers to stores everywhere. The famous absinthe drink is also popular here and you’ll see lots of absinthe ads outside and inside stores. Of course, this applies to bars, too.

There is also a Sex Machines Museum in addition to several sex shops in the city center.

Absinte bar in Prague at night

One of the many absinthe bars in Prague


Hope this post is helpful for the parents out there! Are you visiting Prague with your children? How old are they?