Is Florence a good destination to visit with children?

Florence is a very popular city with a lot to offer. As many touristic locations, Florence is a bit difficult to visit with a baby or small children. However, Florence can be a perfect place for family fun if you plan your activities well and reserve the tickets in advance.

I liked many things about Florence – the stunning architecture, the charming streets, the lovely food at the restaurants, the incredible view from out hotel room… The list goes forever! However, Florence being the crowded place that it is, it is not my favorite Italian city.

During the same trip we visited Bologna, which surprised me big time. I find Bologna much more authentic and enjoyable than Florence. I also liked the food there more!

Mother and baby girl smiling and hugging in Florence

Me and Anna at our hotel room in Florence


Moving around Florence with children

Florence is full of tourists throughout the year and especially in the summer. Walking around with a stroller or a toddler is difficult in the city center because of the crowds. On the other hand, the city is mostly flat, which makes the task a bit easier. Older children and teenagers should feel comfortable enough, but be careful not to lose them in the crowds!

Many people at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

The area in front of Palazzo Vecchio is always crowded

There aren’t many green zones or parks in the city center, excluding the Boboli Gardens. With no parks to sit for a while with a baby, one hopes there will be some banks here or there, but nope 🙂 It is hard to find a sitting area, which is important when traveling with a baby or a toddler.

Mother and baby girl at a street in Florence, Italy

Anna and me at a typical flat street in Florence


Florence attractions with children

Traveling with or without children, be sure to book your tickets in advance for every major attraction in Florence. Otherwise you won’t be able to enter. Traveling with a baby, we decided to skip many museums just because we were not willing to wait for hours to get in.

For instance, we were not able to visit the Duomo of Florence, because the line was always huge and we did not want to wait for two plus hours there with Anna. We asked if we could get in faster since we were with a baby. Unfortunately for us, it turned out that only pregnant women and the disabled can skip the line.

Mother, father and a baby girl in Florence

The three of us in front of the Doumo of Florence, but not inside


Visiting Uffizi with a baby

Even with pre-ordered, paid tickets and priority access, you still need to wait at lines to enter the famous Uffizi gallery. Needless to say, this was a bit frustrating. We waited more than 30 minutes to get in, after waiting for 15 minutes to get our tickets at another queue.

Line of people waiting to get in Uffizi gallery in Florence, Italy

This is the priority line at Uffizi that took us 30 minutes to wait

Baby girl in pink waiting to get in Uffizi in Florence

Anna was patiently waiting to get in 🙂

Still, the gallery is worth waiting for. Our baby Anna loves looking at pictures hanging on the wall.

Baby girl at the Uffizi gallery in Florence

Our baby girl was really excited to visit Uffizi

We had to climb some stairs with the baby stroller. The Uffizi gallery is equipped with elevator hidden from the visitors. We were lucky to use a couple of them after an employee of the gallery saw us with the baby stroller.

Staircase at the Uffizi gallery in Florence

These were the scariest stairs to climb with a baby stroller in Uffizi. After that it was easy to move around

Older children may get impatient at the gallery since there are lots of paintings and exhibits. Consider taking a shorter tour if your kids don’t appreciate galleries yet.

Entertainment for children in Florence

Most children will appreciate the antique carousel at the Piazza della Repubblica in the city center of Florence. Our little Anna took two rides on this old school carousel and laughed the whole time. So did I! The carousel is actually fun for all age groups, if you ask me. Excellent for photos, too!

Mother and baby girl at the carousel in Florence

Younger children would love the old school carousel in Florence!

Another all-time favorite that children should love are the Boboli gardens. Spend a couple of hours there and enjoy the big park next to the Pitti palace.

Many museums in Florence such as Museo del Novecento, Museo degli Innocenti and Palacio Vecchio offer guided tours and workshops for children. Your kids must be at least 4-5 years old to participate though. There are groups for older children, too.

Ice cream time in Florence

Italy is famous for its delicious gelato, so you can easily plan an ice cream tour in Florence. Your kids would love checking out different gelaterias around the city. We tried out several places and liked their energy. Anna was too young to try any of the ice cream, but she’ll get to it next time around!

Vivoli gelateria in Florence, Italy

Vivoli is an old and very popular gelateria in Florence

Ice cream flavors at Vivoli in Florence

They have so many flavors! Unfortunately, I had sore throat and didn’t try them out 🙁

Baby girl asleep in Vivoli in Florence

Anna was asleep the whole time at Vivoli. We actually don’t give her sweets, so it didn’t matter 🙂


Side trip ideas

During our stay in Florence, we had a day off and checked out Pisa instead. Pisa is just an hour away from Florence by train, so it is a shame not to visit. Compared to Florence, Pisa is a smaller and, most importantly, calmer and relaxed city. We loved our time there, seeing the leading tower and exploring the city center. Half day or one day is enough for seeing Pisa, so consider going there, too!

Father, mother and baby drinking milk in Florence

Time for some milk 🙂


Heading to Florence with the little ones? Let me know if you need more info!