Corfu is a beautiful Greek island at the northwest coast in the Ionian Sea. A top destination at this part of the world, the island is suitable for all kinds of travelers, including children.

When we talk about Corfu, we need to separate the island (simply Corfu) and the main city with the same name, which is usually referred to as Corfu Town. Let’s see what is like to travel with kids at this Mediterranean paradise!

Mother and child at the Achilleion palace in Corfu

Anna and I enjoyed the Achilleion Palace in Corfu a lot!

Child in Corfu, Greece

Anna exploring the gardens of the palace


Is Corfu a good destination to visit with children?

The island of Corfu is a great destination to visit with babies, toddlers, children, or teenagers! Corfu offers plenty of hotels for every budget, located at or nearby beaches.

Many hotels have beach areas, where you won’t need to pay an additional fee for an umbrella or sunbeds. Even if you do, the price is usually between EUR 8 and 12 for an umbrella with two sunbeds. Also, all of the beaches have free zones where you can bring your own umbrella and beach equipment, without paying any tax.

Most restaurants have baby chairs available, or so did the places where we ate.

Canal D'Amour beach in Corfu with children

The Canal D’Amour beach is my personal favorite


Entertainment for children in Corfu Town

Corfu will be a lot of fun to every kid that loves spending time at a fine sandy beach (so, almost every kid). The bigger beaches offer all kinds of summer fun, water sports, and boat trips.

Also, most children and teenagers would appreciate the lively center of Corfu Town. Full of people until the little hours, this lively city will charm you and your little ones. There are festivals, concerts, events, and street performances throughout the summer. Let’s not forget all the ice cream available here!

Old part of Corfu in Greece is fun for children

The old part of Corfu Town is always exciting

A very nice playground near the old port in the city center

A very nice playground near the old port in the city center. We didn’t see other playgrounds in the center though.


Where to stay?

Booking a place next to a beach on the island is always an easy solution for a summer vacation. You’ll have a nice beach and facilities nearby, and you won’t need to move from your location or resort.

Still, you will probably consider staying at Corfu Town itself, since it is an interesting historic town with vibrant life and many attractions that kids would also find interesting. Spend at least a day exploring the streets of the old town.

Square in Corfu, Greece

A charming square in the city center of Corfu


Moving around Corfu with children

Most of the city center is a pedestrian zone with stone-paved, but flat streets that are fine for pushing a stroller around. Of course, you’ll need to do some climbing visiting the old and new fortresses, which are among the must-sees on the island.

Mother and kid climbing stairs in Corfu

Anna and I climbing some stairs at the Old Venetian Fortress

Stairs at the Old Venetian Fortress in Corfu

Some more stairs at the Old Venetian Fortress that we decided to skip ; )

However, if you choose to sleep at Corfu Town, you’ll need to drive to the beaches you want to visit, and they may be 30 up to 60 or more minutes away by car in each direction. Maybe not the best option if your child is not eager to spend time in a vehicle.

If you are not here with a vehicle, which can easily be the case, you’ll need to find a proper transport to the beaches.

How we did it

We chose to stay at Corfu Town and drive around visiting different beaches every day during our 4-day stay on Corfu. We loved visiting more beaches because it turned out Corfu has so many good ones! One simply does not want to miss them, right?!

Driving around was all fine, except that some of the beaches were a one-hour drive away, which made it very difficult for us to be at our hotel on time for Anna’s afternoon sleep. One of the days she slept on a boat, for example, because we were not able to make it back in good time.

Still, Anna didn’t mind it and had a wonderful time on the island, enjoying the sand, beaches, and views!

Kontogialos beach in Corfu is good for children

The Kontogialos beach was worth the drive!


More things to have in mind when traveling with children in Corfu

  1. Summer is hot in Corfu, so be prepared for temperatures of 35 or even 40 °C (95-100°F).
  2. Shiny and colorful souvenirs and toys are sold everywhere in Corfu Town, as well as ice-cream and oh so many sweets!
  3. The city center of Corfu Town stays up until late in the evening, so staying there may mean there’s noise that will bother you.
Ice-cream place in Corfu, Greece

A very attractive and welcoming ice-cream house that is hard to miss


Going to Corfu? Let me know if you need more info!

Traveling with children in Europe? I have plenty to say!