Here are 8 popular items, souvenirs and food delicacies you would love to bring back with you from your Croatian vacation this summer.

These are sold across Croatia and in every summer resort, so plan some extra space in your luggage when going back, because you’ll definitely want to take some of these with you! Also, they make for excellent presents 😉

1. Olive oil

Olive oil is an essential part of the cuisine in Croatia and can be found in every household in the country! It is literally consumed with every meal, especially in the region of Dalmatia (Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik).

Now, there is a big difference between the olive oil bought from the store and the locally produced one. Actually, Croatians rarely buy olive oil from the stores. They usually have their own olive trees and plantations or a friend that produces olive oil and supplies them.

To get some authentic olive oil for home, you’ll need to ask your hosts or find some at a local market. The price in Dalmatia is around HRK 80 or EUR 10 per liter, while you’ll need to pay HRK 100/120 or EUR 12/14 for the same amount in the region of Istria (Pula, Rovinj).

I myself was not a big fan of olive oil prior to finding a boyfriend from Dalmatia. Now I am sure that it makes every meal more delicious and I always have liters of olive oil supplies at home!

Croatian olive oil

Olive oil, some bread and cheese – the perfect combo!


2. Prosciutto

Aaa, prosciutto! Like the variations sold in Italy, the Croatian prosciutto is considered a great delicacy and most Croatian love it. It is always offered at parties and big celebrations, including weddings.

Have in mind that this pork delicacy is very difficult to hand-slice with a regular knife. To have it properly, it is always best to ask the butcher to slice it for you. This is performed on a special machine that makes the slices as thin as possible.

In order to bring it home, buy some prosciutto and have it vacuum packed. It will last at least 3 days without being put in a fridge.

Croatian prosciutto

A local butcher doing his magic with the prosciutto : )


3. Cheese

Croatian cheese comes in many types for every taste. If you are a fan of cheeses in general, you’ll find your heaven in Croatia!

One of the best and most popular cheeses is the sheep cheese (paški sir), which originates from the island of Pag, but can be bought across the country. Be sure to taste at least that one when in Croatia.

Now, bringing dairy products back home is not the best idea, I admit! However, if you’re on a short flight, why not bringing some fine cheese back home to make your Croatian experience last longer!

Croatia "souvenir" cheese

Cheese goes with everything!


4. Croatian tie

Croatians invented the tie, known as kravat or cravat around here. Buying the original looking Croatian tie makes is for a very original present, don’t you think?

The Croatian tie dates to the 16th century when it was first worn by the Croatian soldiers. It was then adopted by other armies, and slowly became the popular accessory it is today.

Cravat is popular across the country and sold in the capital Zagreb, as well as across the seaside.

The cravat is a fine souvenir to bring back from Croatia

The cravat is a fine souvenir to bring back from Croatia!

5. Wine and fruit liqueurs

Wine is classic and Croatia has such a variety of fine wines that you’ll need to spend a lot of time here to be able to fully enjoy them!

But have in mind that you can taste way more interesting drinks in Croatia! The locals produce plenty of amazing liqueurs from peaches, cherries, pears, and even roses! You can find decent liqueurs at any store across Croatia. If you are curious to try out some domestic liqueurs, ask your accommodation hosts or the bartenders at any pub or tavern.

Be sure to taste some liqueurs while in Croatia and I am sure you’ll love to bring some back home.

6. Dried fruit and local almonds

Dried figs and apricots taste awesome in Croatia! These last a long time and are sold at farmer’s markets in different packages or even as delicious necklaces.

Similarly, local almonds are usually sold at the farmer’s markets or at local food fairs and not at the supermarket chains. You can recognize them by the slightly bitter taste. Just ask of their origin or try some before buying to make sure they taste authentic.

Croatia "souvenir" figs

The Mediterranean climate is perfect to grow figs!


7. Traditional jewelry

This one will require money rather than luggage space, but still! Those of you that love and collect jewelry will probably want to own some traditional piece from Croatia to remind them of the country after seeing the beautiful pieces made locally.

Some include traditional motives, but you can also find modern looking hand made golden, silver or steel jewelry that you’ll love!

8. Lavender

Lavanda, as they call lavender in Croatian, is one of the most popular herbs in the Mediterranean. Lavender is believed to treat a number of conditions such as nausea, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure, among others.

This purple aromatic plant is also widely used for the production of skin and beauty products, as well as souvenirs, of course! Many tourists go back home with a new pillow stuffed with lavender, soups or some cosmetics.


Like what you see? Well, going to Croatia will make you find so many other cool things on your own! Don’t hesitate to visit!

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