Let me start this by saying that if you have only one day in Prague, you’re screwed! The city has so many attractions and cool places to offer that one could easily spend two weeks with full program! Even more 🙂

I was thinking how I am in Prague for the second time and there is still so much that I don’t have time to explore! Then I thought what is the best of the best in Prague and came up with this post.

Here is what you must see if you have just one day in the beautiful city of Prague. This is a route with attractions put in order by location. Going through the city center, these places follow one after another:

1.Prague castle complex

This one is huge and you can spend a whole day here. More than 1000 years old, Pražský hrad is one of the biggest castles in the world. Also, one of the most important cathedrals in this region, the monumental Saint Vitus, is located within the complex.

Detail from main entrance of medieval cathedral in Prague

It is not possible to capture the whole Saint Vitus cathedral, so here is a detail from the main entrance

Having limited time, you must see the cathedral and select some of the halls available for visitors. If you start your tour at 9:00, you can finish it at 12:00 being at the first courtyard of the castle to see the changing of the guard ceremony.

Entrance of Prague castle

One of the entrances of the Prague castle complex

Then you can enjoy the stunning view over the city and take the stairs down to Lesser town or Mala strana. For the route I suggest it is better to come from entrance options 1, 4 or 5 and get out at entrance 2.

View with orange and red roofs in Prague

Quite the view, isn’t it?

2. John Lennon wall

Surprised to see this on my list? Well, it may not be the most popular or visited part of Prague, but it is really close to the next big thing on our way – Charles bridge. It will take you about 10 minutes to see Lennon’s wall following my route.

John Lennon wall in Prague

John Lennon wall in Prague

The former Beatle was never here, but after his murder fans started making graffiti in his honor on this very wall. Not to mention, it is very instagrammable!

Blonde woman with pink hat and white jacket at John lennon wall in Prague

Instagrammable, ha?

3. Charles bridge

Another absolute must-see of Prague, Karlův most or Charles bridge, is a beautiful medieval pedestrian bridge over Vltava River.

Charles bridge in Prague in November

The medieval Charles bridge is one of Prague’s most famous features

Don’t miss the opportunity to touch these elements for good luck. They must be on your left in the middle of the bridge when following the route I suggest.

Deatil with dog at Charles bridge

People have been touching this statue on the Charles bridge for a looong time 🙂

All in all, there is a lot going on here – souvenirs, musicians, artists. There is a lot of street fun entertainment for kids on the bridge.

The view to the rest of the city is just marvelous.

Buildings over Vltava River in Prague in November

View of Prague from Charles bridge

4. Old town / Stare mesto

Although the old town is a whole neighborhood, I am positive it must be considered an attraction of its own. If you want to feel the energy of this city, this is the place to be. Take your time to explore the stores, the street food and the charming pedestrian streets! They’ll lead you to the next big thing on the list.

Buildings in the old town of Prague

Typical old town in Prague

People in jackets and buildings in the old town in Prague

The square at the old town next to the astronomical clock

5. Astronomical clock and its tower

Pražský orloj is the symbol of the city and you have probably seen many images of it or, at least, many souvenirs with it. Nevertheless, seeing it in person is a whole different thing. The oldest operating astronomical clock in the world was installed back in the impressive 1410.

the astronomical clock in Pragueat night

The famous astronomical clock at night

Tired already? Well, I hope you have more energy as it is definitely worth climbing the stairs to the top of the tower. This time we skipped it since we were traveling with our one-year old daughter, but we did it five years ago and it was awesome!

Clock tower in Prague in November

Climb up the clock tower for a view of a lifetime!


In the meantime, don’t forget to take little rests here or there, having coffee and trdelník or some traditional Czech meal with lots of beer!