Everyone is heading to Croatia in the summer! Are you joining the club in 2023? Be sure to get prepared, because you’ll need some accessories and travel tips to enjoy your summer vacation in the beautiful Croatia to the fullest!

1. Flat/sporty/comfortable shoes

Ladies, leave the high heels at home! Stone-paved streets are charming, but a challenge if you’re on high heels. Some Croatian cities like the top destination Dubrovnik require some climbing, too. So don’t fall a victim to your uncomfortable shoes.

Street in Croatia

A pic I took in Rovinj in 2018. This is how many streets in the old town pedestrian areas in Croatia look like.

2. Aqua shoes

You may skip aqua shoes (aka water or sea shoes) if sailing and swimming in deep waters, but they are essential for most beaches in Croatia. They will protect you from the sharp rocks and sea urchins when you enter the sea. You’ll be able to walk calmly on the beach and in the water.

Aqua shoes are sold in many souvenir stores and in all supermarkets during the summer, so you can check out the beaches in your region and then decide if you need a pair. The cost in Croatia in 2021 is about HRK 80-100 (EUR 10-13.5) per pair for a grown-up and half the price for a child. A more expensive choice with better quality is about HRK 160 or more (around EUR 21).

Aqua shoes on a beach in Croatia

A pair of aqua shoes that cost EUR 10. These usually last the whole summer, having in mind that I spent about 3 months using them almost every day!

Aqua shoes in Croatia

My last pair of aqua shoes bought for EUR 20

3. Beach mat

Beach mats or lezaljke, as they are referred to in Croatia, are huge here. As many beaches are rocky and not so comfortable to lie on the ground, many tourists buy beach mats to put under their towels. Of course, depending on the beach, you’ll have access to all kinds of lounges and sunbeds.

Beach mats

Beach mats sold in Vodice, but you can find them in any Croatian city

4. Sun protection cream, after sun and all sun related products you use

Sun protection is essential for every good beach experience. Be sure to protect yourself from the sun not only on the beach, but everywhere during the summer in Croatia. The sun is hot, and the temperatures get as high as 38/40 °C (100°F).

You’ll be able to find a huge variety of sun protection products in every Croatian destination, but if you’re very into some specific local sun protection cream – bring it from home. Also, prices of sun protection creams may vary and be more expensive of sold close to the beach.

Beach in Croatia

Not all beaches offer sunbeds and umbrellas, so be prepared to take care of your skin

5. Sunglasses even in wintertime!

You won’t be able to enjoy Croatia without a proper pair or two of sunglasses. Since the sun is quite bright, you’ll be wearing your sunglasses most of the day.

Note that you’ll definitely need sunglasses in winter, too, if visiting Dalmatia. The sun is always bright at this part of the world.

Naturally, sunglasses are sold everywhere.

Sunny winter weather in Croatia

A pic I took on 1 January 2017 near Zadar. Look how sunny it is!

6. Hat/s

Even if you are not a hat person, bring a hat or two on your Croatian summer trip. This is a must, once again because the sun is too hot and bright, and we all need to protect ourselves.

As every other summer related accessory, hats are sold everywhere during the summer season.

Baby girl and mother wearing hats in Croatia

Anna and I don’t go outside without hats! This is a fine memory from the city of Nin.

7. Underwater camera

Everyone brings a camera on the road these days. It is quite easy, since we all have mobile phones with a camera. Croatia is one of the countries that provides unbelievable underwater experiences that you would love to catch on camera. Be sure to equip yourself with an underwater camera if you’re planning to go underwater.

Underwater pic took in Croatia

Underwater selfies are fun : )

8. Anti-mosquito products

Mosquitos are always annoying, and you can easily be attacked by them at many places during your summer adventure in Croatia. You don’t necessarily need to have an anti-mosquito product with you on the way to Croatia but think about it if you’re going straight to camping, for example.

Anti-mosquito products are sold everywhere in Croatia, so it will be easy to find one.

9. Euro (or dollars in cash if you are visiting smaller cities)

As of January 1, 2023 euro became the official currency in Croatia. No more difficulties with calculating Kuna to Euro which is not that easy considering 1 Croatian Kuna was equal to 0.13 Euro! If you don’t have euros, bring US dollars and exchange them into euro. Some of the other currencies are not that popular. Ask locals where to change money, if you feel the exchange offices in the city center are trying to make some unfair profit on you.

For instance, I use the services of a small exchange office at the farmer’s market (of all places) very close to the city center in Sibenik.

10. Last, but not least – bring your appetite!

One of the many amazing features of Croatia is the incredible cuisine. Be sure you enjoy it to the fullest and forget any diets when in Croatia. Bring your appetite and try out all the fish, delicacies, ice cream and desserts out there!

Beautiful beach in Croatia

You’ll be hungry after spending time on the beaches and in the water, won’t you?

Now get inspired what to bring BACK home from Croatia when you visit!