*updated Oct 25, 2019

If traveling with kids to Sofia in Bulgaria, you’ll need some guidance on where to take them for some family fun. The capital of Bulgaria is actually not that entertaining for children. I put down a separate blog post about visiting Sofia with children, so do check it out.

Having a baby girl at home, I now explore my home town in a whole new way! As most parents, I want to both entertaining my child and inspire her to explore the world and enjoy it.

Here are three places in Sofia that do exactly that. Your children will love them. So will you!

1. Muzeiko

The most exciting place for children in Sofia, especially 5-12 years of age, is Muzeiko. An interactive children’s science museum, Muzeiko is the biggest of its kind in Eastern Europe. It offers entertainment for many age groups, including children up to 4 years of age. Anna was almost one and a half when we went for the first time and she enjoyed it a lot.

The entrance of Muzeiko in Sofia, which is fun for kids

The entrance of Muzeiko – a great place to entertain your kids

Fun for children in Muzeiko in Sofia

Muzeiko contains three floors full of surprises

Muzeiko is a place where I will return over and over again with my child growing up. Although this great science center is outside the city center, it is a must-see if traveling with children. In addition, all information and signs in the museum are both in Bulgarian and English.

You will need between two and four hours to enjoy Muzeiko.

Toddler playing a game for children in Muzieko in Sofia

Anna liked Muzeiko very much, so we are going to visit many times

Child exploring stones in muzeiko in Sofia

Anna exploring some stones, age 2

Girl playing the bottles at the new exhibition in Muzeiko

Anna playing the bottles at the new exhibition in Muzeiko

2. Vitosha Mountain

Vitosha Mountain is right next to Sofia and it is the easiest weekend escape for all Sofia residents. The air is fresh and way better than in the city. Of course, the nature and the views over the city are totally worth it!

If the weather allows it, bring your little ones to a walk to Vitosha. You can take one of the lifts that bring you up. If traveling with older children, you can go hiking and even climb Cherni vrah (literally Black Peak). This is the highest point of the mountain standing at 2290 meters. Winter is great to go skiing here, too.

Child playing at a garden in Vitosha near Sofia

Baby Anna at the garden of Dragalevtsi Monastery in the autumn of 2018

The Dragalevtsi Monastery could be one of the stops in your journey at Vitosha. It is a beautiful medieval monastery from the 14th century, but think twice if your kids would appreciate the historic aspect of the monastery.

Dragalevtsi Monastery in Sofia

The beautiful Dragalevtsi Monastery

All in all, even if you just have a picnic somewhere in Vitosha, it will be a great family experience. You’ll love it!

3. Kambanite / The Bells

The Bells is a unique park that collects about 100 bells donated from around the world. It was constructed during the socialism as a children’s park celebrating the world peace. One can immediately identify the socialism architecture seeing the design of the place. Still, it is a nice family fun experience. There is a free parking next to the park.

The Bells in Sofia are fun for kids

The Bells in Sofia are fun for kids (and adults).

Info sign at the children's monument The Bells in Sofia

Here is some more info on the Bells at a sign at the monument

Visitors can walk around and ring the bells as they wish. The air is pretty fresh and the green park areas around allow it for a nice picnic outside. No benches though.

I remember coming here as a child with my cousins and running around ringing the bells. My baby is not tall enough to reach most of them, but she enjoyed the trip anyways.

Mother and baby posing at children monument The Bells in Sofia

Anna and I posing at the Bells, March 1st 2019

You will need between 30 minutes and an hour to check out all the bells and take a walk here. There is no admission, but the Bells are located at the end of the city. Still, if you think your kids would like them, give it a try!

Bells at children monument The Bells in Sofia

Bells of different shapes and sizes

If it is raining or cold outside when you visit Sofia, just go to these three indoor places which are great for kids, too!

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