Zadar is a top city in the region of Dalmatia, Croatia.

Here are three fun places to visit that both you and your kids will enjoy a lot. These are suitable for children of any age, too – toddlers, preschoolers, or teenagers will be entertained alike. These are also open all year long, so you can visit any time.

Let’s get the party started!

1. Sea music and sun dance floor

Zadar has two unique monuments located next to each other – the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation, or Monument to the Sun, if you prefer that wording.

The Sea Organ is a water installation that produces similar to whale sounds when the waves reach the underwater tubes at the coast. It gets more vocal and interesting when the sea is stormier. Listening to the sounds of the sea is pretty nice and curious children will find the installation interesting and cool. Locals and tourists equally love to hang around and sit in the area, enjoying the atmosphere and the sunsets, while listening to the one-of-a-kind sea music.

The stairs at the Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia

The stairs at the Sea Organ

The Monument to the Sun is a 22 meters long disc that collects the sun’s rays and creates a very cool light show at dark. The idea is to have these lights in tune with the sounds coming from the sea organ. This one of a kind solar-powered monument celebrates the sun and the unforgettable sunsets that you’ll see in Zadar. The city is famous for its sunsets. As I mention in other Zadar related post, Alfred Hitchcock once said that Zadar’s sunsets are more beautiful than those in California.

Finally, there is no entrance fee or entrance, for that matter. The two monuments are located right next to the sea.

Monument to the Sun, Zadar

Anna and I chilling at the Monument to the Sun

2. The Roman forum

Quite surprised to see the Roman Forum in this list? Well, turns out that kids just love it! It is in the city center, free of charge, and just the perfect place to climb, run and socialize with other children! Parents can enjoy their drinks at the cafes nearby, supervising the kids. Teenagers would rather enjoy some drinks and chill, but would love the vibe of the place.

Every time we visit the city, we spend some time at the square where the forum is located and our Anna is always well entertained just being there. No fee to visit the Roman Forum, it is an open space.

A group of children at the Roman Forum in Zadar

A group of children at the Roman Forum in Zadar


3. The Museum of Illusions

At this point (early 2022) you have probably been to a Museum of Illusions somewhere in Europe and you are familiar with the concept. It is a space dedicated to trick your mind of what you see and what is possible.

Zadar’s Museum of Illusions, together with the one in Zagreb, is one of the first museums of that kind to open doors worldwide, and it does not disappoint. The guys that came up with the idea of a museum of illusions are actually Croatian. After the great success of the museum in Croatia, it became a franchise business and now there are many similar museums across the world. Although similar, each museum of illusions has a different exhibition, so the experience is also different every time. The one in Zadar has a tunnel which spins around and creates some optical illusions that make your brain thinking that you are spinning while you’re just walking. Long story short, it is pretty cool. Try it. Taking pictures is allowed and highly recommended.

Museum of Illusions in Zadar

The tunnel looks much better and more impressive when one is there 🙂 

The museum is indoors and perfect to hide from the sun on a hot day or a great escape from the rain, if it happens to rain in Zadar! It works all seasons, not just in summer. Needless to say, children of any age will love it. For instance, Anna was just a year and a half old when she visited the Museum of Illusions in Zagreb for the first time. The opening hours are different depending on the season, but the museum works until 10PM for a big part of the year.

In 2022, the entrance fees are as follows: adults: HRK 70
children (5-15 years): HRK 50
family ticket (2 adults + 2 children): HRK 200
Groups (kindergarten or school): HRK 25

a room at Museum of illusions in Zadar

Anna running on a wall at the museum



Even if you are not traveling with children, you will still enjoy the before mentioned locations. Relax, enjoy Zadar and check this post for more Zadar inspirations!

I have some great ideas for you if you are visiting nearby Sibenik with kids, or visiting Sofia in Bulgaria with children. Have fun!