Let’s be honest. When having a kid, grandparents can help a lot!

It is good for them to know their grandchildren. Also, it is good for the children to communicate and have more family and people in their lives. And finally, it is awesome for the parents to have help and support from the grandparents in raising their kids. So, it is a win-win-win situation.

All of these perks apply to traveling, too! Here are some perks of traveling with a grandparent or a set of grandparents, that I have experienced and enjoyed during several trips since I had my daughter in the autumn of 2017.

Familt traveling with grandparents

Here we are – a happy family on the road!


Family time together

Family time is always cool, but don’t we all love our family trips together? Despite some on-the-road arguments that all families have, at the end we always have warm memories of that times.

Traveling is the perfect time to experience new things, be on the same adventure and get closer. Most of us, new parents, have stopped traveling with our parents in our late teens, so we need to catch up.

Plus, grandparents love to be part of the show, so consider including them in your traveling plans next time.

Night pic thanks to traveling with a grandparent

A night pic of Novi Sad that I was able to take, because we were traveling with a grandma


Going out at evening

This is probably my favorite of the perks of traveling with grandparents. Let the grandparents take care of the children in the evening and have this time to yourselves!

Luckily enough, our grandparents love putting baby Anna to sleep and are not interested in going out at night. This leaves us, a young married couple, with the whole evenings to ourselves! We usually have slow diners, a few drinks and a lovely walk. However, this is not possible when we are not traveling with a grandma or a set of grandparents as our baby goes to bed at 8:00 PM.

Even if the grandparents involved are not willing to stay at the hotel every evening, you can still take turns.

Rovinj at night thanks to traveling with a grandparent

A lovely night pic I took in Rovinj, Croatia, once again being out thanks to a helpful grandma : )


On the road help and fresh energy

Traveling with grandparents is also great when you’re on a long car or plane trip. Having even one more person on board is a lot. This brings fresh energy to the group and a child can always feel that.

On our recent trip to Novi Sad Anna was getting nervous at the car after several hours on the road. So was I trying to entertain her and failing. This is when grandma suggested switching seats with me. She though of a new game that Anna liked, while I was able to relax. Everything was again under control.

Baby girl in Zadar without grandparents

Anna in Zadar, Croatia. She is a delight, but it is always good to have a grandparent around.


Thanks, grandparents!