Croatia surprises with several unusual, innovative, and surprising museums across the country.

I had the pleasure of visiting the newest addition to that list – the Love Stories Museum in Dubrovnik, which opened doors in the spring of 2018. I tried not to reveal too much in this post, but you can skip the AT THE MUSEUM section if you are afraid of spoilers.

General info

The Love Stories Museum is an interesting museum that collects and displays unique personal love stories and items of great sentimental value donated from around the world.

This untraditional museum is located near the Pile gate in Old Town Dubrovnik, which is right next to the city walls. It is easy to reach on foot from the gate. Plus, at some point of your journey in Dubrovnik, you’ll be very close to the museum. We used Google to direct us for like a minute to get there.

The Pile gate in Dubrovnik

The Pile gate in Dubrovnik

The entrance fee in 2019 is HRK 50 (EUR 6.8) per person, HRK 35 (EUR 4.7) for children 10-28, while children up to nine years can enter free of charge.

The opening times are 10 am – 9 pm in the summer and 10 am – 6 pm offseason. Seems like everybody is in Dubrovnik during the season, so consider visiting offseason ; ) You will need between 25/30 minutes and an hour at the museum. It is allowed to take photos inside.

The museum occupies a three-floor building with no elevator, but going from one floor to another is not hard. The ceilings are short, which is typical for many Dalmatian houses, and so are the stairs to climb.

Love Stories Museum in Dubrovnik

The street leading to the museum. This is also the house where the museum is.


At the museum

I love unusual museums and that’s the reason I create whole posts about them. If you enjoy innovative museums with an interesting idea behind them you’ll like this one, too.

Johnny Cash and June Carter's love story is a famous one

Johnny Cash and June Carter’s love story is a famous one

The museum will lead you through some worldwide famous love stories and legends, a display of personal items with the stories behind them, which were donated to the museum, some Game of Thrones stuff, of course, and, finally, a wall where you can leave a note of your love story.

Love Wall

I left a heart-shaped note with our names on the Love Wall

It feels like the opposite of the Museum of the Broken Relationships, which is one of Zagreb’s top attractions in the last years. Unlike that one though, it has more of a positive aura and feeling.

A selfie corner and Anna who wants to touch the exhibit : )

A selfie corner and Anna who wants to touch the exhibits : )


Visiting with children is an excellent idea

I recommend the Love Stories Museum 100% if you are traveling with children.

Toddlers and young children will love the child corner on the third floor. Anna didn’t want to leave as she loves drawing and teddy bears! She was 1 year and 9 months old when we visited earlier this month.

Girl playing with bears

Anna playing in the children’s room at the museum

Older children and teenagers will probably appreciate the exhibits and the general idea of the museum. Plus, is something different from the fortresses and historic sites in Dubrovnik if the children are tired of them. This could serve as a fine place to take a break.

At the end of our visit, we wanted to visit the restroom, but turned out that there isn’t a toilet for visitors! Other than that, we loved being at the Love Stories Museum!

@TheLoveStoriesMuseum, you must provide a toilet for visitors! It was quite disappointing to find out there was no toilet for me and my toddler in a three-floor building!


If you are curious about the rest of the cool museums around – check out FroggyLand in Split, the Museums of Illusions in Zagreb and Zadar, and, of course, the famous Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb.