2023 started pretty interesting for me with a short solo stay in Zagreb due to some unfortunate bus schedule misunderstanding…

I have visited Zagreb numerous times since it is on my way from moving between Sibenik in Croatia and Sofia in Bulgaria. However, this was the first time I spent time in the city on my own. It was just one-night-one-day stand I had with the city but I highly recommend it for a solo trip after I saw it through a different point of view.


Probably my favorite picture from my solo stay in Zagreb in January 2023

Solo experiences in Zagreb

Zagreb (and Croatia in general) is home of some of the coolest museums in this part of Europe and they are perfectly fine and fun to visit on one’s own.

The newly opened (December 2022) Selfie and Memories Museum is a great example because it is equipped with selfie stands that allow you do experience the interior to the fullest. On another note, the first Selfie and Memories Museum in Croatia opened doors in Dubrovnik and works all year long.

Selfie and Memories Museum in Zagreb

At the entrance of the Selfie and Memories Museum in Zagreb

One of the rooms to takes pics at the Selfie and memories Museum

One of the rooms to takes pics at the Selfie and memories Museum

Besides the selfie museum, I also visited the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb which I consider a must if you haven’t been there. This was my third time there but since the exhibition changes and grows, one can easily visit every couple of years.

Museum of Broken relationships

One of the coolest museums in Zagreb is the Museum of Broken relationships (in my opinion)

Other cool museums on the list include the 80s Museum, Museum of Hangovers, and the Museum of Illusions. All more traditional museums exhibiting art are always a pleasure to visit alone in my humble opinion. Long story short, museums in Zagreb have you covered.

Zagreb landmarks for solo travelers

Ban Jelacic Square (the main square in Zagreb), Zagreb Cathedral, St. Mark’s Church, Grič tunnel, Lotrščak Tower – you can experience and admire all the city’s famous landmarks perfectly fine on your own. Also, Zagreb is not a big city and most of the attractions are located in a walking distance.

installation at the Grič tunnel in Zagreb

Beautiful installation at the Grič tunnel in Zagreb titled Polar Dream

Is Zagreb safe?

Zagreb is not the safest city in the world although it is pretty safe. It stands at the prestigious 115th place on Numbeo’s Crime Index by City list for 2020 (the last 129th place belongs to Zurich for comparison). Other lists include Zagreb as one of the safest destinations in Europe.

Still, during my last stay drunken guys bothered me a bit and asked me where I was going to sleep tonight at the central bus station. Nothing happened but I had to keep moving to get rid of them. Despite that I consider it a safe city to visit and explore.

Solo accommodation in Zagreb

Zagreb is a well-known tourist destination and offers all types of accommodation. According to my research, as of January 2023 there is one capsule hotel in Zagreb, so check it out if you’re interested in staying at one. Here is a review of the capsule hotel which is not very flattering but will probably be useful to some.

If you have only a day in Zagreb like I did on my last visit, consider my list of 11 things to do in this city in one day and don’t miss these 3 awesome experiences that Zagreb offers.

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