Well, 2020 has been one heck of a year for us travellers. There’s nothing more difficult than being unable to travel when it’s something you live for, and even though the reasons for countries shutting down their borders is more than understandable, it’s one consequence of this altogether terrible time most of us have had.

That being said, we know have something quite wonderful to look forward to. It also means that because travel gear is now in low demand, we can reset our travel bag and investments nicely for when we go travelling again. Now that we also have time to plan everything we hope to do in 2021 and beyond, we can put together our equipment, gear, and daily essentials necessary for that lovely upcoming time.

Christmas is on its way, too, which also means that we can spend on a good amount of worthwhile implements if we need to. This provides us with another reason to get excited and remain grateful for the fact that yes, we will come together and travel the world once more.


It can be a lovely use of your time to pick up some accessories you may have otherwise wished for. For instance, heading to eyeglasses.com and finding some beautiful winter and summer glasses can help you, without spending over the odds, have this requirement taken care of for years to come. I always have a couple of eyeglasses and a ton of sunglasses with me! 

It may also be that jewlery in its more seasonal tones are worth picking up at this time of year, and we couldn’t blame you for wanting to do that. This provides you with the confidence and desire to go out and travel again when able – as we all enjoy feeling confident and well-put-together no matter what.

Memento’s & Keepsakes

Memento’s and keepsakes really do make a difference when traveling. Some, you’ll pick up with you on the way. Others, you can bring. For instance, investing in a beautiful fake-leatherbound journal can help you chart and plot your activities abroad with more than just social media posts, but also a nice, introspective passage you have taken the time to write when overlooking a local village. Keepsakes of this nature can provide you with a through-line for your adventure, and that can be quite wonderful.

Large Implements

Larger investments, purchased now and for the holidays, can be an exciting means of ‘resetting’ your approach and looking forward to next time. For instance, perhaps as a treat for making it through a rough 2020 you could decide to purchase a new camera. This camera could help your Instagram start becoming even more popular, and the SLR techniques you use to bring out your subjects and scenarios when documenting your travel journey could be seen as a wonderful and life-giving new approach. Implements of this nature help you flourish, and in the long run, help you see more of the world around you.

With this advice, I hope you have the impetus to reset your travel bag, and to treat yourself before heading out to travel once more.