Omis (Omiš in Croatian) is a small coastal city in Dalmatia, Croatia, perfect for family vacations. Its main beach Punta is a long sandy paradise with a stunning view over the nearby mountains. Cetina River meets the Adriatic Sea in Omis and passes through the city, making it even more picturesque.

The city is located just 23 kilometers or 14 miles south from Split, where is the nearest airport. It is also some 30 kilometers or 18.6 miles away from Makarska. If not coming for longer, you can plan a one-day visit and enjoy the beautiful Omis.

My husband and I spontaneously decided to check the city out on our way back from Makarska to Sibenik. We couldn’t be happier with the decision as Omis turned out to be much more interesting than we expected.

We spent half a day in Omis – hour and a half at fortress Starigrad, same time at the beach and then visiting the old town and having lunch for two more hours.

View with blue sea and houses in Omis, Croatia

Omis from above


Fortress Mirabella

There are two medieval fortresses in Omis. Fortress Mirabella or Peovica dates back from the 13th century. It is the easier fortress to reach out of the two. You’ll need to follow the signs from the old town. Visitors should get there in about 10-15 minutes, according to the info I found on the net. It is climbing all the way, 200 meters above, so prepare for it.

The entrance fee is HRK 20 or 25 depending on visiting in the high or low season.

We didn’t go to Mirabella as we were short of time. If you are traveling with children, try out the route or part of the route by yourselves at first, before bringing the kids along. Still, Mirabella should be more children-friendly than the Starigrad fortress.

Houses, church and bell tower in the old town of Omis, Croatia

In the old town of Omis


Fortress Starigard

Fortress Starigard or Fortica is the other symbol of Omis. Built in the 15th century, it is located 260 meters above the city and there is some serous hiking to get there. If you start from the town, you’ll need one hour to climb up.

Blue sky and fortress Starigrad in Omis, Croatia

The beautiful Starigrad fortress

It is better to reach the nearby village Baucici by car and then climb up for 30 minutes. Information I found on the net prior to our arrival said that visitors would reach the fortress in 15-20 minutes from Baucici, but my husband and I did it for 30 minutes without any breaks.

I would not recommend bringing children to the Starigrad Fortress. The climbing is too intense for kids. Sure, if they go hiking a lot and enjoy, bring them with you.

Young woman climbing rocky path in a blue dress

Me climbing with no gear. Don’t do it like that and be sure you have proper shoes!

Be sure to have comfortable shoes and sun protection when climbing. I was not prepared for climbing at all. As you can see from the pics, I climbed in a dress and espadrilles. The amazing view from the top was worth the effort! You’ll see the city of Omis, Cetina river and many islands in the wide blue sea.

Blonde girl at fortress Starigrad and a view with blue sea in Omis, Croatia

What a view!

The entrance fee is HRK 15 and the host Neno was a really nice guy. He said that he has the best job in the world overlooking at this beauty every day. I kind of agree with him 🙂

Ilka and Neno at the top of Starigrad fortress in Omis, Croatia

Me with Neno who works at the top of the Starigrad fortress


The old town

The old town of Omis has the typical charming Dalmatian architecture, old buildings made of stone, narrow streets and beautiful churches around every corner. In addition, the rocky mountain surroundings of the city are also visible.

There are plenty of restaurants and fast food options, so there is something for every budget.

House, church and a rocky mountain in the old town of Omis, Croatia

In the old town of Omis


Beaches in Omis

There is one main beach called Punta or the Big beach. It is a spacious sandy beach with several cafes, ice-cream booths, restaurants nearby, water sports and all kinds of summer fun activities. This is the beach which we visited. We liked it very much. The water is crystal clear and the whole landscape around is so beautiful!

There are some smaller and more private beaches around, so if you’re staying longer, you can change places.

Blue sea water and a rocky mountain at beach Punta in Omis, Croatia

Beach Punta in Omis is the main beach in the city


How long to stay in Omis?

It all depends on whether you’re looking for just spending time at the beach or you would like to go around. Omis is nice for relaxation and vacation, especially for families with children. It is a perfect location to spend time with your kids on the beach. Everything is close and the place is safe in general.

If you are traveling with your partner and want to visit several cities in Dalmatia, Omis is a really nice one-day adventure. You’ll swim, you’ll go hiking, you’ll have a nice lunch… Try it out 🙂

Oldschool ship and blue sea water at beach Punta in Omis, Croatia

At beach Punta in Omis


I myself liked Omis very much and would definitely return next summer. What about you?