I am a huge fan of little-known places, so it is a pleasure to introduce you to Croatia’s Nature Park Lonja field and the charming villages around! The destination is perfect for couples and families with kids alike. It offers plenty of outdoor experiences and is a small safe place to visit if you are pandemic worried. Spring, summer and autumn would be all fine to visit. Let’s start!

The perfect weekend

Located just 115 km or 74 mi away from the capital Zagreb, Lonja field Nature Park is perfect to visit for a weekend. There are more than ten small villages located around. The one we stayed in is Lonja. We booked a fine small traditional house in Ethno Village Stara Lonja. Definitely book a traditional wooden house when you come around. The rented ones are renovated and you’ll be able to get a more authentic vibe when visiting. Although tourism is not as popular here as it is in other regions in Croatia, there are enough booking opportunities out there.

wooden holiday home in Lonja

Me posing in front of our wooden holiday house in the ethno village we stayed in

Our first stay was in June 2020 but it is a place I would visit the region again. I recommend staying for two nights at least. That is what we did. We were able to enjoy all that the nature park offers, as well as relax in our accommodation, prepare some barbeque and run around with our daughter Anna. Of course, the place offers many activities, so consider two nights the minimum stay.

wooden holiday house in Lonja

Our wooden holiday home had a bedroom and a small kitchen and dining area

Nature Park Lonjsko polje

Lonjsko polje or Lonja field is a nature park and one of the largest and most preserved floodplain areas in Europe. The park has four visitor centers – Čigoč, Repušnica, Krapje, and Osekovo. Driving around and between the visiting points is a must as they are not connected or too close to each other. We entered at Krapje as it offers a touristic train (actually a cute tractor suitable for 20 people) that gets visitors to a boat trip on Sava River. It is a bit loud but we enjoyed the 20-minute trip a lot. So did our little girl.

Horses in Lonja field

Horses at Krapje visiting point in the nature park

Explore Sava River

One of the must-dos here is to get on a boat on Sava. We did it on a kind-of-a-rainy day, so it was not perfect. Still, if the weather is fine the boat trip seems an awesome idea. We enjoyed the views and saw some birds along the ride.

Sava River in Lonja field nature park

One of the vessels on Sava River, the so-called Vodomar

A lonely boat on Sava River

A lonely boat on Sava River

Other activities, fun for kids

Hiking, rent-a-bike, rent-a-canoe, boat trips, cycling, bird watching, and riding horses – you can enjoy all these activities here. If you travel with children – you’ll be happy to know that there are activities for all children groups above 3, including a Junior Ranger program which runs since 2008.

Sava River, Lonja field

Can you spot the bird on this pic?

Ticket info

In 2021, the entrance fee stands at between HRK 30 (EUR 4) and HRK 65 (EUR 8) depending on what activities you would like to try. The HRK 65 ticket is actually a two-day weekend ticket. The yearly card stands at HRK 200 (EUR 30). This is very suitable if you live around or if you are staying in Zagreb and plan to visit at least three times.

Children up to three years of age get in for free, while older kids pay a reduced entrance fee.

Wooden house somewhere around Lonja

One of the beautiful houses in the region

Charming architecture

The most impressive part of the region is the authentic architecture. The traditional houses in this region are made of oak and look like something coming from a fairy tale. Short ceilings and wooden details make them truly cute and photogenic. Some are renovated, others – not. Still, they are what make this region unique in its own way.

cute wooden house

Another cute wooden house behind happy Anna

A road around Lonja field

A typical road somewhere between the villages around the nature park

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