Prague is well-known for the exceptional beer that is made here for centuries. The Czech Republic has a long tradition of producing some of the finest beer out there. But hey, what about coffee?!

Most people do have coffee in the morning and everyone wants to have a nice cup of coffee at a nice place. So here are three great classic cafeterias that you should check out when visiting Prague. I’ve been to all of them and like them all, but still have my favorite among them.

Rethink the concept of the fast and to-go coffee of today and enjoy your hot black beverage in a much more sophisticated way by visiting these classic cafes in Prague. Furthermore, all of them serve meals and work until late in the evening. So even if you don’t have your coffee there, you can have a meal and enjoy the atmosphere.

Café Slavia

The oldest café on this list opened doors in 1884 and was visited by many actors, poets and intellectuals. I was attracted to this place the first time I visited Prague back in 2013, because Bulgarian writer Aleko Konstantinov used to come here.

Cafe Slavia in Prague on a sunny day

The corner of cafe Slavia shot on a sunny November day in 2018

Café Slavia is located opposite the National Theater at the city center. It will probably be on your way at some point when exploring Prague.

Being here does not feel like going to the cafes of today as the interior is classic art deco and the premises is larger than most modern cafes.

Café Louvre

Café Louvre is located really close to Slavia. Also similar to Slavia, it opened doors over a century ago – back in 1902. Some of the most notable guests of this authentic café were Albert Einstein and Franz Kafka among many other local intellectuals that came here.

The entrance of cafe Louvre in Prague

The entrance of cafe Louvre in Prague

The atmosphere here is not like in the nowadays cafeterias. This is a place to come and enjoy your drink or meal. Or simply make an event out of something as ordinary as drinking coffee is.

Grand Café Orient

I saved my personal favorite cafe in Prague for the end. This one is a bit more hidden than the first two. You probably won’t notice it if you’re not looking for it.

The House of the Black Madonna in Prague

The House of the Black Madonna where Grand Cafe Orient and a museum dedicated to cubism are located

Grand Café Orient is located on the first floor (not the ground floor) of the House of the Black Madonna designed by the famous local architect Josef Gočár. The building is the finest example of the cubist movement in Prague, while Grand Café Orient is the only cubist café in the world. Do you need another reason to check it out? Well, the coffee is awesome and there is the coolest balcony in addition to the perfect interior.

The interior of Grand Cafe Orient in Prague

The fine original interior of Grand Cafe Orient

The café was included in the design of the building and worked for about 10 years at the beginning of 20th century. After that cubism fell out of fashion, so the café closed doors to be restored some 80 years later.

The entrance to the House of the Black Madonna and the balcony of Grand Cafe Orient in Prague

The entrance to the House of the Black Madonna and the lovely balcony of Grand Cafe Orient


Finally, I want to say that Prague has many other historic cafes that are worth visiting, but I haven’t been there. Thus, they are not on the list. Savoy, Imperial, Evropa and many others… Let me know if you have any recommendations. I will extend the list next time I am in Prague! Also, check out my other blog post about visiting Prague with children, if you have that in mind 🙂