2020 was a difficult year for the travel industry. 2021 has already started but does not look that promising. Despite all many of us want and are allowed to travel. But let’s do it the safe way!

Here is what to have in mind when you choose your safe travel accommodation in 2021.

What not to do

Popular travel destinations are a no-no

You were probably always dreaming of visiting Paris or London, weren’t you? But let’s face it. These are major cities with large populations that do not seem that safe in terms of avoiding the pandemic. Focus your travel plans on smaller cities and regions as well as less known locations. You won’t have to avoid the crowds. These are usually hidden gems that will charm you right away.

large hotel

Everyone loves the occasional stay at a big hotel resort; Photo by Vincent Rivaud from Pexels

Large hotels

All the large travel hotels and resorts are taking good care of following the necessary restrictions and keep us safe. However, staying at a room in a large hotel, using big elevators, or having breakfast with many other travelers indoors is not everyone’s idea of safe in 2021. There are safer options for accommodation.

Here are some more risks to avoid when traveling.

What to do

Private accommodation

In 2021, choosing a private accommodation with a private host seems much safer that staying at a large hotel. Many prefer to book private apartments or villas to keep social distancing easily and feel safe. Private accommodation is usually equipped with separate entrance and provides more solitude to the visitors. You’ll be the only ones going in and out and using what the place has to offer.

Boutique hotels

The boutique, small hotels seems safer than the big hotels with large capacities. The reason is very obvious – there aren’t so many tourists. You will feel as comfortable as in a larger hotel but you will not meet as many people.

Say Yes to Camping

safe camping

Camping is as safe as it gets when it comes to Covid-19; Photo by Uriel Mont from Pexels

Camping in nature is probably the safest travel option out there. You get your own area outdoors, you have your own entrance, and you have your peace. Pretty much all of the experience happens outdoors. If you haven’t gone camping until now, why don’t you do it in 2021? It is always good to try something new.

Many camping sites these days offer the so called mobile homes which are equipped with kitchens, comfortable beds and proper bathrooms, if you are not a fan of sleeping in a tent. My family and I stayed in a mobile home for a very first time in March 2021 and loved it! As I said, it is always good (and fun) to try something new!

Here are some more safe travel ideas for 2021!

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