Putting my notes about the Museum of Broken relationships down, I tried not to reveal too much. Still, I have to warn you with a spoiler alert: this post may spoil your experience at this lovely museum in Zagreb, Croatia, as it gives lots of details on my personal experience there.

Please DON’T read At the museum section, if you are about to visit and don’t want the details! If you have already been there, let me know what you think in the comments below.

General info

The Museum of Broken relationships, or brokenships, is really famous and you probably have heard about the project behind it. The place is located at the very heart of Zagreb in Croatia. The Saint Mark’s church is very close, and so is the Lotrščak Tower. Thus, the museum will be on your way at some point of your adventure in Zagreb.

Saint Mark's church in Zagreb, Croatia

One of the landmarks of Zagreb, Saint Mark’s church, is very close to the Museum of Broken relationships

This museum is a public space where anyone can donate items of their broken relationship/s and share their story. There are objects from all over the world. The whole idea behind the project is really interesting and touching, so I suggest you definitely check the museum out.

Back in 2010 the museum was awarded the EMYA Kenneth Hudson Award as the most innovative and daring museum project in Europe.

The price is HRK 40 per adult (EUR 5.4) as of December, 2018. The place is opened until 9PM winter time and 10:30PM summer time with last entries 30 minutes before closing.

You will probably spend between 20 and 40 minutes inside. There is also a nice little cafeteria inside, which was full of people when we last visited in the winter of 2018.

The entrance of the Museum of Broken relationships in Zagreb

The entrance of the museum


At the museum

Spoiler alert!

I was very excited to visit such an interesting museum, because I admire the whole concept behind it. When I first heard about it, I started thinking if I still had any items belonging to old boyfriends, what would people actually donate at such a place, etc.

I thought that the museum is only about girlfriend-boyfriend/wife-husband type of broken relationships. Actually, it has exhibits from all kind of human relationships. For instance, there were items from father-daughter and regular friends/not lovers. This only showed me how narrowly I was thinking about the idea before visiting. Needless to mention, I love places, movies and art that generate emotions.

Introduction of the Museum of Broken relationships in Zagreb, Croatia

Introduction of the museum

Another thing that I didn’t expect was that most stories behind the exhibits were very sad. Most of the brokenships items displayed were there because someone died tragically and this was the reason for the relationship to end. Inevitably, you’ll get sad when reading the stories, but it will probably make you think about your situation and appreciate it more.

Well, I didn’t expect the sad part, so at first the museum didn’t leave the best impression in me. Of course, a bit later I thought about it more and loved the idea that this place exists. It is good to know that the museum works as a consolation and way to turn the next chapter for the people that donate items.

What about you? Have you ended a relationship lately? Are you willing to take your broken heart to Zagreb?

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Brown signs of heritage places in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb in Croatia is full of things to see and stuff to do!