Croatia has some of the most innovative and unique museums in Europe and FroggyLand in Split is one of them. I absolutely recommend checking out this museum of, well, frogs, which will surprise you in the best of ways!

About the museum

FroggyLand is probably one of the most unusual and fun museums you’ll stumble upon in Croatia and Europe. I had read plenty of positive reviews of the place before I finally visited.

The museum is right at the city center of Split, Croatia

The museum is right at the city center of Split, Croatia

FroggyLand includes a collection of 507 stuffed frogs arranged in 21 everyday human situations such as being at class, at the circus, on a picnic or visiting a dentist. This is also the biggest collection of stuffed frogs in the world.

This eccentric exhibition will amaze you with the attention to detail the author put into the project. I can guarantee that you haven’t seen anything like FroggyLand before! It sounds strange and looks strange to see so many stuffed frogs, but the settings and the size of the project will impress even the most skeptical visitors out there.

Hungarian taxidermist Ferenc Mere is the person behind the interesting project. Mr. Mere spent some ten years working on this unique exhibit between 1910 and 1920. Today, this small museum is one of the top attractions in Split.

Hand holding a frog

Me touching a frog at the area allowed for pictures

Useful info

In 2019, the museum charges HRK 50 (EUR 8) per person. The tickets are sold at the entrance, and there aren’t any long queues.

Plan 20-30 minutes to spend inside. The summer working hours are 10 AM to 10 PM so that you can visit in the evening, too.

It is not allowed to take pictures of the exhibit, so I am sharing just a few pics of the entrance, the souvenirs, and myself as a frog-prince.

Woman in Frog Museum, Split

Here I am 🙂

FroggyLand for children?

FroggyLand is a small museum that most toddlers, children, and teenagers will find interesting and fun. My daughter is literally in love with all frogs she sees, and I have heard other children share her fascination with these animals.

The museum won’t consume a lot of time, and you’ll have the opportunity to take some pics around the ticket office, which is fun.

FroggyLand offers a lot of souvenirs with frogs, so your little ones will probably ask to get something from the store of the museum. Magnets, toys, cups – they have it all! In my opinion, some of the souvenirs could be cheaper, but you can easily limit your kid to buying one item or a limit the sum that he/she is allowed to spend. Just ideas if you’re not into spending a lot on frogs 😉

Magnets with frogs

Magnets with frogs sold at FroggyLand


Have you been to Split? Will you check out FroggyLand?