I traveled solo on my first trip to Ireland in June 2023. I spent two nights in Dublin and didn’t have more time to explore the cliffs of Moher, for instance, but enjoyed my stay at the capital and got to know so much about the country and the history of Ireland. Let me tell you all about it. I hope my story can give you ideas for your own solo trip to charming Dublin.

Enjoy your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I made the most out of mine in Dublin. Both days I enjoyed full large Irish breakfasts full of eggs, meat, mushrooms, sausages… you name it! As the weather was fine, I sat outside taking my time and observing the environment, especially the people that walked by. I highly recommend this activity for any solo traveler. I had my breakfasts at Lemon Jelly and Coffeeangel and liked both places a lot. At Coffeeangel on 15 Leinster St S I had the loveliest conversation with a local almost retired Joe who seemed to know all the people having coffee there.

Irish breakfast for solo traveler

The only thing this full Irish breakfast misses is another egg or two : )

Walking tour(s)

I did a free walking tour with Generation Tours Dublin and enjoyed it a lot. We went to all the major attractions. The tour guide Dan was funny and informative and kept it really interesting for more than three hours! This type of tour is also a lovely activity when traveling on your own – you learn a lot and it is a good way to meet other people if you are up to it.

Trinity college

The impressive Trinity College was the last stop of the walking tour I took.

Solo experiences in Dublin

The beautiful library at Trinity College is a great place to visit alone and admire the books at peace. There is an entrance to the most famous part of the library, but it is worth mentioning that many museums in Dublin are actually free. The National Gallery of Ireland, the National Museum of Ireland, the Chester Beatty museum, the Hugh Lane Gallery, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, among others, are all free! This fact makes Dublin even more attractive for budget travelers (and for stingy travelers as myself).

Temple Bar District

There are great photo opportunities in Dublin, especially at Temple Bar District

Photo opportunities

As many other travelers, I enjoy taking pictures a lot. And as many other European capitals, Dublin is just so photogenic! I took hundreds of pictures and advise you to take your time and capture the beauty of Dublin.

Dublin door

So many photogenic doors in Dublin! I took some 50 pictures of just doors.


Ireland is all about drinking, so it felt a bit strange not to have a beer or two in lovely Dublin. Being on one’s own, having beers at a pub does not seem the most comfortable activity (at least for me as I am not used to drink by myself). Luckily, everyone from the tour group had beers together which I appreciated.

half a pint of beer

A pint is ≈568 ml but you can order half a pint if you don’t feel like drinking ≈568 ml of beer

Kilmainham Gaol

For me, one of the most interesting places in Dublin was the former prison Kilmainham Gaol which serves as a museum for several decades now. It was so different being at an actual prison and hearing all about the people imprisoned here. They do only guided tours and I am very satisfied with the information. Also, this was a very fine solo experience.

You’ll need to plan your visit and purchase a ticket in advance at their website. Keep in mind that the tours are pre-booked some two weeks in advance. I got lucky as some guys cancelled the day I was able to visit and I secured my ticket at 9:30 in the morning (as advised by the museum on their website).

prison Dublin

The most famous part of the prison

Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol has so many stories to tell!

Is Dublin safe?

Well, I actually didn’t feel that safe while in Dublin. Google says it is generally a safe place and one of the safest capitals in Europe. However, for the short amount of time I spent there, I saw a young man with a bleeding jaw wandering, a violently fighting couple running around (the lady was asking for someone to call the police), and also a guy picking a fight with a hobo at a bus stop while pouring water on him. All of this happened at day light and in the very center of Dublin. Maybe I had some bad luck, or maybe that’s just how it is there. I was not at all in danger myself, but didn’t feel that comfortable being a female solo traveler in Dublin.

Oscar Wilde

The Oscar Wilde statue at Merrion Square Park which felt absolutely safe

Solo accommodation in Dublin

Dublin is a well-known tourist destination and offers all types of accommodation. I stayed at Ashfield Hostel which has a great location and felt fine for a two-night stay. Still, there are plenty of options, including capsule hotels.

Need more info about Dublin or solo travel? Let me know in the comments below. Here is how I spent two days in Zurich on another solo trip, if you need more travel inspiration.