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About The Book

Visit CROATIA includes eight comprehensive chapters featuring everything you need to know about the country.

Get to understand Croatia by finding out the basics about the history, geography, currency, and sports in the country. No matter how you decide to travel to and inside Croatia, this travel guide got you covered with detailed information about the airport, bus, ferry, and railway networks, as well as driving, traffic regulations, and sailing in Croatia!

Visit CROATIA is perfect for everyone looking forward to exploring the top destinations and some hidden gems. The book gives detailed information about six major and six little-known cities in Croatia, covering all your questions about the must-sees, how long to stay at each city, the connections, side trip ideas, turn-offs, and events!

Visit CROATIA also gives the details you need to know about the Northern, Central, and Southern islands in Croatia and the sailing routes across them. Besides the stunning islands, Croatia is famous for its beautiful beaches and national parks, which are also covered in this guide, where you’ll find out which beaches and parks suite you the best!

If you are a parent and not sure whether to bring your children to Croatia, don’t worry, this guide will help you out!

Visit CROATIA is the second of series of travel books about visiting the beautiful Mediterranean country. Written by an insider who lives in Croatia and explores the country for more than twelve years, this travel guide features the latest, most important, and most valuable information you’ll need during your stay in Croatia.

What’s inside


Understand Croatia


Little-known cities to visit




National parks


Traveling to and inside Croatia


Major cities to visit




Visiting with children

Table of Contents

4…..Letter from the author
5…..Chapter 1: Understand Croatia – Regions of Croatia, Basic recent history, Currency and pricing, Sports in Croatia
14…..Chapter 2: Traveling to and inside Croatia – Airports, Bus network, Driving in Croatia, Ferry network, Rail network, Sailing
26…..Chapter 3: Major cities: Six big cities to visit – Zagreb
79…..Chapter 4: Little-known cities: Charming cities to visit in – Rovinj
112…..Chapter 5: Islands
119…..Chapter 6: Beaches
122…..Chapter 7: National parks
126…..Chapter 8: Visiting with children



Visit CROATIA includes eight comprehensive chapters about Croatia, featuring everything you need to know about the country, including history, top destinations and little-known cities, events, islands and national parks, must-sees and turn-offs, as well as practical info on traffic, laws, and fines!



Please note: After completing your order with PayPal you will receive an e-mail with the encrypted download link (valid for 48 hours). The e-book will be in .zip folder in .pdf and .epub formats.

Be aware that there is no train station in Dubrovnik and there aren’t any plans to build one either. The nearest train station to Dubrovnik is in Split, so you will have to travel by train to Split, and then bus, car or ferry to Dubrovnik.

Train network article

Despite what happened after Yugoslavia broke, there is an interesting term describing the cultural nostalgia over Yugoslavia – Yugo-nostalgia. The term refers to nostalgia over the concept and positive aspects of Yugoslavia and does not refer to any political views or activities.

What is Yugoslavia article

All payments in Croatia are legally bound to be in Croatian Kuna. You can unofficially use Euro in some cases when paying your accommodation, at some private stores or small restaurants, but you’ll have to ask in advance if paying in Euro is fine.

Currency and Pricing article

The old town center of Dubrovnik is a no vehicle area, but parking nearby is also very difficult and expensive! You can park for the limited time of two to three hours, which is not nearly enough to enjoy the city center. In 2019, parking in the city center zone costs HRK 75 (EUR 10) per hour in zone 0, which charges all hours of the day and night - valid from May until September.

Dubrovnik Turn-offs article

About the author.

Croatia expert Ilka is a travel writer living in both Bulgaria and Croatia for the past 12 years. Exploring the country and always enjoying the beautiful Adriatic coast, Ilka is living her dream in Croatia – a country that became her second home.

Ilka started a travel blog dedicated to Croatia in the summer of 2018. She provides the readers with a first-hand and honest perspective about the country, and her insider tips helped many travelers visiting the country.

In 2019, Ilka opened a new exciting chapter in her Croatian adventure with the project Visit CROATIA – a series of books to be launched every year, covering the most relevant information about Croatia.

Ilka continues her journey in Croatia. Share her passion and join her journey!

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