Welcome to the first part of Croatia for children in 2021 series! *updated in April 2021

COVID-19 update: the attractions in Dalmatia mentioned in this post are now open and will likely remain open in summer 2021. Same applies to the events in the summertime.

Let’s start by saying that Croatia is an excellent destination for traveling with children altogether. The air is fresh, you can enjoy the numerous national parks, the beaches are safe and clean (and a lot), and there is entertainment all across the country. Still, some destinations deliver more in terms of family vacations and fun for the little ones. Let’s check them out in Croatia for children series!

Dalmatia is the perfect place to visit in the summertime. With beautiful beaches and national parks, sunny islands, medieval history and cool modern museums, Dalmatia offers plenty of fun for kids and is an excellent choice for travel with babies, toddlers, kids, or teenagers.

Here are the best cities and events for children (and why not grown-ups too).


Sea organ and the monument to the sun

Zadar has two unique monuments that fascinate kids and adults alike. The sea organ makes similar to whale sounds when the waves reach the tubes installed underwater at the coast. The Monument to the Sun is a large disc that collects the sun’s rays and creates a very cool light show at dark. Kids would love to dance and run around. It is also one of the best spots for taking pictures.

Locals and tourists equally love to hang around and sit around the two monuments, enjoying the lights, while listening to the one-of-a-kind sea music.

The Monument to the Sun in Zadar, Croatia

The Monument to the Sun is excellent for running around in the daytime, too.


Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions franchise started in Croatia and the country has two such museums – one in the capital Zagreb, and one in Zadar. These are among the most visited museums in Croatia, so don’t even think of skipping them! The experience at the museum is suitable and interesting for all ages, even babies and toddlers. Teenagers would love it for sure!

The Museum of Illusions in Zadar

The Museum of Illusions in Zadar is full of fine photo opportunities



Sibenik is famous for being a city of children for a good reason. The city hosts one of the best children events around, International Children’s Festival. In 2021, the festival will celebrate its 61st edition. Starting on 19 June with a spectacular firework, which is a tradition, it will end on 3 July.

In addition, there are workshops for all group ages, but you have to follow the festival’s announcements and apply in advance.

The whole city of Sibenik is decorated accordingly with pictures, garlands, and balloons. You and your little ones will be able to enjoy a number of puppet shows, theatre, and dance performances, as well as concerts across several stages in the city center. Tickets are available online and at the Sibenik Theater’s ticket office.

Aquapark and special family hotels

Aquapark Dalmatia at Amadria Park, aka Solaris Beach Resort, is one of the best water parks in Croatia. It has several pools, plenty of slides and entertainment. Plan a whole day here to be able to enjoy all of it. This pirate-inspired water park is at a large beach resort with the option to stay at Croatia’s first children’s hotel, Andrija, right next to it.

The Family beach at Amadria Park

The Family beach at Amadria Park

What does a children’s hotel mean? Well, it appears to be a hotel with family rooms with children furniture, sea-inspired roofs and decoration, pirate dress-up staff, cool kids corner, and all day long summer club. The animation is included in the price of the hotel and is available from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. I just want to note that my family hasn’t been a guest there yet, but we definitely want to check it out. Amadria Park is a huge complex with different types of hotels and accommodation, and all look great!

For animal lovers

Aquarium-Terrarium is a small aquarium and zoo on a narrow street in the old town area of Sibenik. You’ll be able to see some fish, turtles, a crocodile, snakes, and other reptiles. This cute aquarium is more suitable for younger children and teens may not be as impressed with its size. It will be open again in May 2021.

The crocodile in Aquarium-Terrarium in Sibenik

The crocodile in Aquarium-Terrarium in Sibenik

All children would love the experience at the Falconry center (Sokolarski centar), some 7 km/4.3 mi from Sibenik. The center serves as a rescue space for birds of prey. The hosts are lovely and give educational presentations with the help of the birds every hour. You’ll be able to touch and hold a real falcon and learn how amazing these birds are.

Froggyland Museum in Split is another cool place where you should bring your children. This unusual museum dedicated to frogs includes a collection of 507 stuffed frogs arranged in 21 everyday human situations. It may sound strange and not your thing, but the place deserves your attention, believe me. Most children would love Froggyland.

The unusual Museum of Frogs in Split, Croatia

The unusual Museum of Frogs in Split


Medieval magic

Dalmatia has a rich history and you’ll be able to visit many ruins, castles, and fortresses across the Dalmatian coast. Some of the medieval heritage sites are children-friendly, while others – not so much. Be sure to check out:

  • Roman Forum in Zadar, where kids love to climb
  • Barone Fortress in Sibenik, which is designed to suit all age groups with its ship-like playground and augmented reality spots
  • Kamerlengo Fortress in Trogir, with plenty of space for running around
Playground at Barone Fortress in Sibenik

Playground for the little ones at Barone Fortress


What about Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s hottest destinations, but it is not the best one to visit with kids and has plenty of turn-offs. One of the main reasons is that the city is overcrowded all year long. In addition, most of its attractions are difficult to explore by children (e.g. city walls) or not appreciated by the young ones.

Now, if you happen to be parenting teenagers that love Game of Thrones, then fine. Other than that, Dubrovnik does not deliver anything special for kids in terms of beach fun. Northern Dalmatia and Istria are way more attractive to visit with youngsters.

The Love Story museum in Dubrovnik

I have to admit that the Love Story Museum in Dubrovnik was quite fun for us and our little girl


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