Due to the uncertainty around COVID-19, most of the Christmas fairs in Europe, and Croatia, will be held under special epidemiological measures and will not be the same as previous years.

It is difficult to organize an event when a new lockdown is probably on its way. Most of the organizers are still waiting to share details, while the websites say more information is yet to come. Still, the Christmas spirit is present and (mostly) locals will be able to enjoy their favorite Christmas markets.

Here is what you need to know about Christmas in Croatia in 2020.


Advent in Zagreb

The most popular Christmas market in Croatia, Advent in Zagreb, will be held between 30 November and 7 January, as usual. However, it is already announced that it will be held in half of the usual locations around the city.

Zrinjevac, Strossmayer Square, and Tomislavac are confirmed at this point. In order to avoid having too many people at one place, the organizers may bring the market to new smaller squares. The number of holiday houses that offer delicacies, sweets, souvenirs, and drinks will be much less this winter.

Zagreb is a favorite Christmas location and a famous one in Europe with the Christmas market here winning for Best Christmas market in 2016, 2017 and 2018.


Cute holiday houses in Zagreb

Cute holiday houses on Ban Jelačić Square at the end of 2019


The Rijeka Advent will be held between 28 November and 7 January, on the usual locations which will be open in alliance with the COVID-19 measures. One of the best attractions in Rijeka, the Santa Claus Train, will not offer any rides this year, as it cannot be adapted to the necessary measures.

The celebrations will also take place at Trsat Castle Garden (Advent na Gradini), as usual, but on a smaller scale.



The Zadar Advent organizers decided to move their Christmas market to four locations in Zadar instead of having most of the event happening at Petar Zoranic Square, as before. No large concerts will be held this year.

So far no dates are confirmed as the details are yet to come.



The Christmas celebrations in Split will happen without the holiday houses on Riva, which will be moved to the space of the Art Gallery and the Croatian National Theater. The event should last from 28 November to 6 January.

So far it looks that there will be a skating rink and a central stage with performances in Đardin.



The Dubrovnik Winter Festival is also taking place this year but without any events indoors. There will be holiday houses in the old town but the festival will be modest and humble compared to before.

Dubrovnik is usually a hot destination to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve but 2020 proved to be a bad year for tourism altogether.


Santa Claus in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Christmas store in Dubrovnik counting the days until Christmas. Picture was taken in the summer, of course ; )


Although we won’t be able to enjoy the classic Christamas markets or Christmas experience, the important thing is to be with our loved ones.

Wishing you lovely Christamas holidays!