We can expect the towns and international borders to start reopening for travel by the second half of 2021. There is still a long way to go because life goes back to normal. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid potentially dangerous places for your next trip.

Booking accommodation for you and your family is going to be the most challenging part of your future holiday. It makes sense to avoid touristic spots that are likely to attract the crowd. But even in a less popular destination, you want to be cautious. As a rule of thumb, keeping away from busy places is the best thing you can do for your health. That’s why it’s a good idea to book a private accommodation or a small boutique hotel rather than a large resort hotel.

You also want to keep your eyes open for some of these potential factors that could facilitate the spread of germs. 

Ensure there’s sufficient ventilation

Did you know that moisture droplets can remain in the air for several hours? This is bad news when it comes to avoiding COVID-19 risks. However, if you are worried about maintaining your accommodation safe, you need to pay close attention to the ventilation options. They will ensure that any air-borne pollutants and viruses can be virtually removed from the space.

Ideally, you’d want windows that can be opened in full. But sometimes, these are fixed in place for safety purposes. Therefore, a suitable AC system is the best option to clear airborne diseases. If the unit is broken, be aware that you have the right to demand an emergency ac repair as providing suitable ventilation is crucial to COVID safety. 

breakfast area

I love having a fine breakfast in a nice hotel, but would consider it twice if the breakfast area is too crowded; Photo by Claudia Viloria on Unsplash

Consider the breakfast room

In some countries, food places have already reopened. Socialising in a restaurant area can be done safely if one understands the risks. For instance, most restaurants are taking preventive measures to keep their place safe. But, if you are worried about infection risks, you want to take additional measures to be on the safe side. Avoiding group dinners and washing your hands will immediately lower risks. Ideally, eating outside is also recommended as virus-laden particles disperse quickly outdoors. On our recent spring trip in Croatia, we ate only outside despite the wind some of the days.

When it comes to your accommodation, you may not have the opportunity to eat outside. It can be helpful to avoid the places that have breakfast buffets, as these are likely to capture more germs. 

Avoid the pool

Who doesn’t want to jump in a pool and have a good swim?I know I do! The good news about swimming pools is that chlorine can deactivate harmful viruses. In other words, you don’t need to worry about going for a swim in the water. However, public swimming pools are likely to attract the crowd in summer. While the presence of chlorine in the water keeps risks at bay, it’s a different kettle of fish in the lounging area around the pool.

Still, these public venues tend to encourage relaxation and playfulness. So, it’s easy to see how people could end up sitting together around the pool and potentially spreading airborne diseases. 

Swimming pool

Private swimming pools can be a lot of fun even during these uncertain times

It makes no doubt that we’ll need to stay on the cautious side of things for a little while. However, it’s important to go out, explore and put the pandemic trauma behind us.

Keeping safe on your next trip will help soothe the anxiety accumulated throughout 2020! Here are some more safe travel ideas for 2021!