Amadria Park, previously known as Solaris Beach Resort, is a big family complex of three and four-star hotels, small villas, mobile homes, bungalows and a camping site. It is located just a few kilometers outside the city of Šibenik (Sibenik spelled in English) in the Dalmatia region in Croatia. The camping resort is still called Solaris Camping Beach Resort.

It is a place most suitable for families with children. Young people and couples can also enjoy it as it is so well planned and designed that there is fun and peace for everyone. For instance, children are not allowed at the beach club En Vogue, but there are children swimming pools everywhere.

Sun umbrellas in white and yellow at a beach in Amadria Park

There are many beaches at Amadria Park

All guests’ cars and vehicles are parked close to the entrance of the complex and there is no traffic inside, which is really comfortable when you travel with children. You’ll definitely feel safe and far away from road noise. A cure touristic train drives around the resort and allows the visitors to move from one part to another easily. Children love it!

You will not feel the need to leave the complex at all! Everything you need for your vacation is already there – cafes, restaurants, fast food, bars, clubs, supermarket in the camping, shops, souvenirs, etc. The hotels are equipped with indoor and outdoor swimming pools. You can also try all kinds of summer sport activities, get a good use of the all day long animation programs for children, jog, ride a bike, rent a boat, or just chill under the sun.

Sun umbrellas, blue sea and a beach in Amadria Park, Croatia

A view to one of the beaches at Amadria Park

Although the resort has changed its name to Amadria Park, it is still referred to as Solaris by the locals. Some of the road signs leading to the place still say Solaris. Still, you’ll have no issue finding and locating the resort.

A wooden mobile home at the beach in Amadria Park, Croatia

A mobile home at Amadria Park

Renovations and nature

Amadria Park is a place that gets renovated every summer. Its owners invest a lot in the infrastructure and they are doing a good job with the resort. Even if you have been there the previous year, there will be some infrastructure updates, new activities and new restaurants, so it will feel like a new place in a way. A couple of new buildings appeared between 2020 and 2021, for example.

At the same time, the beautiful nature, the islands nearby and the crystal clear sea water are here every year. So is the big aqua park Solaris Aquapark Dalmatia, which is a great treat for both children and parents.

Typical Dalmatian village at Amadria Park

Dalmatian ethno village is one of the charming features of Amadria Park

What do locals think of Amadria Park?

Local people consider Amadria Park part of Šibenik and a beach that belongs to Šibenik. Naturally, locals are not completely happy that the resort is kind of closed and saved for the guests as it should be. One can actually park next to the resort and enter for free, enjoying the beaches and restaurants after a small walk. Until a year or so age there was a bus line from Šibenik that stopped next to the main entrance, but not anymore.

However, one needs to pay for parking, which is a bit annoying for the locals. There are at least three options – paying a day card of HRK 30, paying a half-day card of HRK 10 or 20 or paying by the hour – HRK 3 per hour or HRK 48 for a day card.

After getting inside one needs to pay for umbrellas, lounge chairs, sunbeds, etc. in order to be comfortable. This is the part that locals don’t appreciate since they feel the beaches here should be free. Each lounge chair costs HRK 60, so if you bring your family with three kids for the afternoon, you’ll need to spend around HRK 300 just for staying at the beach. This is too expensive for the local residents. In addition, coffees, drinks, ice cream and any food in Amadria Park is more expensive than in the town of Šibenik. An ice-cream costs between HRK 8 and 10 in Šibenik, while the cafes at Amadria Park charges at least HRK 14 in the summer of 2021.

First line to the sea wooden mobile homes at Amadria Park in Croatia

Some of the mobile homes are located right next to the sea

One floor white villas and trees at Amadria Park

Some villas at Amadria Park

My experience as a guest

As of summer 2021, I stayed in two types of mobile homes at Solaris Camping Resort – once in April and once in May 2021. Both times we contacted the reception and got -10% offer. We loved staying at the mobile homes next to the sea. We booked a second row mobile home and then a first row mobile home with two bedrooms and really enjoyed the experience there. The one thing that bothered us the first time were some pretty annoying ants attacking one of the bathrooms. It probably happens quite often as the help immediately supplied us with some spray to get rid of the ants.

At the second mobile home (booked in May) there were just a few ants around, so maybe it was bad luck or the fact that we were some of the first guests in early April and just irresistible to the wild life around.

The camping seems to attract more guests since the Covid-19 situation occurred or at least that is what some personnel told me. It is probably the fact that getting your own mobile home or staying in a van provides you less contacts with the rest of the guests.

Finally, the check-out hours at the camping were not very strict in spring time, so we were not in a rush when we were leaving.

I haven’t been a guest to any of the hotels at Amadria Park Sibenik yet. I have just visited the cafes, bars and pool areas. Still, since Amadria Park is so close to Sibenik that I’ve been going to the resort on regular basis for the past 10 years. I know the place and its advantages pretty well. I would recommend choosing any accommodation at the resort for a lovely summer vacation.

Blue sky, gren trees, a beach and blue sea water in Amadria Park, Croatia

The beach next to hotel Ivan, the best beach at the resort in my opinion

Blue sky, palm trees and swimming pool area at Amadria Park, Croatia

A view to a hotel’s swimming pool at Amadria Park

Where to stay in Amardia Park?

Amadria Park Sibenik has several hotels to choose from, a camping resort which we already mentioned, and some villas.

The small villas and mobile homes area is next to the hotel area and right after it comes the camping. It has its own entrance, separate from the main entrance for the hotel part. If you are not a guest of the camping you will not be allowed in. The rule is pretty strict for this entrance for the past couple of years. Still, anyone can reach the camping zone if one takes a walk from the main entrance to the camping area. There is another beautiful and little-known camping site nearby – Zablace.

A blue children's swimming pool at the camping area at Amadria Park, Croatia

A children’s swimming pool at the camping area in the resort

Cloudy sky and camping site at Amadria Park

The camping at Amadria Park

Some more villas are located after next to the camping, the so-called villas Kornati. These are bigger, two floors high and can accommodate more visitors. If you are coming by the sea or wish to rent a boat, there’s a marina next to these villas as well.

Small wooden bungalow and green trees at Amadria Park

A bungalow at Amadria Park

Visiting with children

Amadria Park Sibenik is the place to visit with children! It has the aqua park, several cute playgrounds and all day animation for children at Hotel Andrija. The guests from other hotels and the camping can also attend the programs at hotel Andrija, which was great for our daughter when we stayed at a mobile home around Easter 2021. Finally, let’s not forget the amazing beaches which are pretty enough for any kid’s fun.

hotel Andrija

Anna at hotel Andrija in April 2021

playground at Amadria Park

A playground next to hotel Andrija and very close to the aqua park 

All details considered, Amadria Park is a great place for family vacations and I certainly recommend it! Especially to those of you who travel with kids.

Let me know in the comments if you need any other information on the resort or the beaches nearby.  Here is how to stay safe in Croatia in 2021. Check out my ideas for traveling in uncertain times.