About me and the blog

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Ilka and I am originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. I have the great opportunity to spend half of my time in Croatia for the past 15 years as I married the loveliest Croatian guy out there.

We explore Croatia and mainly the beautiful Dalmatian coast. I thought it’s about time I start writing about our trips.

Finally, I created this travel blog dedicated to the country, which I truly deeply love and which became my second home.

Why Ilka Rocks and why Croatia Rocks?

As beautiful as it is, Croatia has a rough nature and character as well. Actually, Croatia is full of rocks and rock formations. It is also an amazing place that rocks!

Another thing is that I love rock music, so the name of the blog just came naturally after brainstorming ideas about it with my husband.

Croatia Rocks is the place where you can read all my posts on well-known and, especially, little-known places worth visiting in Croatia.

All Traveling Rocks

I will add my notes on travels outside Croatia in Traveling Rocks.

We love to explore new places, so stay tuned!

I am also a happy mother traveling with kids

We welcomed our first daughter in 2017 and our second girl was born in 2021. We just love to travel with the two of them! We bring them to (almost) all of our trips ; )

All of my posts will include tips and advice on visiting the locations with children, which I am sure will be helpful to many of you. Check out the Motherhood Rocks section.

E-books and travel guides!

In 2019, I opened a new exciting chapter in my Croatian adventure with the project Visit CROATIA – a series of books to be launched every year, covering the most relevant information about Croatia. Learn more about the project and the books!

Thanks again for being here and I hope we’ll stay in touch!

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see on my blog in the future, if you have comments, wish to collaborate or just want to say hi. Feel free to email me: ilka@ilkarocks.com

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