Is Zagreb that rainy?

Well… yes and no! Zagreb is Europe’s 10th wettest capital. The climate is oceanic with significant continental influences and very closely bordering on a humid continental climate (Wikipedia). This means you can experience all four seasons in Zagreb. The time when it rains the most is summer and autumn.

Of course, rain can happen all year long! We were excited to spend a charming winter weekend in Zagreb just before Christmas in 2019, but it happened to rain all the time! This is how we spent our time and how you can still get the best out of the city despite the bad weather!

Zagreb route on a rainy day

The route below will allow you to experience Zagreb and don’t get (that) wet while doing so! Some of the must-sees of Zagreb are just minutes away from each other. Depending on where the rain caught you, you can do the route the opposite way.

Let’s start with the Grič Tunnel. It is a 350-meter long tunnel intended to be a bomb shelter. Today, it serves as a place for cultural events and exhibitions most of the time. It is also a shortcut in the heart of the city if you need to get fast for one of the places it leads to. The tunnel has four entrances and will keep you dry on a rainy day. You’ll be spending some 15 minutes here and more if there is an event or exhibition of some kind.

Get out from the exit close to the Zagreb Funicular (Uspinjača). This funicular is exciting because it is considered the shortest one in the world. The trip lasts only a minute but will keep you away from the rain and it is the easiest and driest way to get to the Upper Town of Zagreb if you happen to be around.

Funicular in Zagreb

The shortest funicular in the world will help keeping you dry!

Going up you’ll be right at the Lotrščak Tower. Depending on how heavy the rain is at this point of your walk, decide whether to climb to the top of the tower. Keep in mind that you’ll be under the sky when at the top. Exploring the tower lasts 15-25 minutes.

Time for some cool museums

Raining or not, the Museum of Broken Relationships is a must when in Zagreb. This unusual museum exhibits items of broken relationships and tells their story. It is a public space where anyone can donate objects.

Visitors spend up to 45-60 minutes here. The cafeteria at the museum is also a good place to kill some time indoors if it is raining.

The Museum of Naive Art, Zagreb

The Museum of Naive Art is right oppoiste the Museum of Broken Relationships

Next on the list is the Naïve Art Museum. Even if you’re not that much into art, you will appreciate this museum that reveals some of the best Naïve art pieces in the world. That’s right, Croatia is a leading country when it comes to this art form.

This is also the oldest museum of the Naïve in the world, opened in 1952. In addition to the Croatian Naïve art from the celebrated Hlebine School, the museum exhibits some of the best Naïve works worldwide. It takes some 30-40 minutes to discover the world of Naïve art.

Entrance of Museum of Naive Art

You’ll need to climb one floor of stairs to get in the Museum of Naive Art

Two spiritual places

Just next to the museum you’ll find yourself on St. Mark’s Square and St. Mark’s Church. This beautiful church from the 13th century has one of the most interesting roof designs you’ll even see! Be sure to check it from inside too.

St. Mark's Church on a rainy day, Zagreb

St. Mark’s Church on a rainy and cloudy December day in 2019

Our next stop is another religious place. Kamenita Vrata, or Stone Gate, is a small archway with a gate where people installed thankful monuments on the walls. Locals come here to light candles and pray. The gate is not a proper place to hide from the rain since it is a spiritual place, but you can check it out without worrying that it is raining.

Rainy day in Zagreb

The small square next to Kamenita Vrata. Our next stop is in the building in the center of the pic : )


Another unusual museum

A minute away from the Stone Gate you can explore one of the more innovative museums of Zagreb. The 80s museum is a colorful museum that will take you back in the 80s in Zagreb. It is not the typical museum and you’ll be able to sit down, touch the exhibit, try clothes on, and even have a drink here.

Fun at the 80s Museum, Zagreb

Having fun at the 80s Museum, which is also perfect for kids

You can easily spend up to two hours here. This museum saved us from the heaviest rain in Zagreb during our last stay. It is also very fun for children.

Kitchen in the 80s museum

1980s kitchen in the museum. Visitos can touch everything!

Car in 80s Museum, Zagreb

Anna loved “driving” this car!


Finally, Zagreb Cathedral and Ban Jelačić Square

No trip to Zagreb is complete without visiting the Zagreb Cathedral and Ban Jelačić Square. Bring out your umbrella and head towards the cathedral. The Dolac market is outside but will be on your way, so you can walk through it before getting to the cathedral. This 13th century 105-meter tall building is one of the symbols of Zagreb. You’ll need 10-20 minutes to admire it from inside.

Zagreb Cathedral view from Lotrscak tower

Zagreb Cathedral view from Lotrscak tower

Ban Jelacic Suqare when it rains

Ban Jelačić Square when it rains

Get to the main square in the city, Ban Jelačić, which is just a minute away. There are several fine cafes right at the square, where you’ll be able to get dry and look at the rhythm of the city. This square provides you with plenty of public transport options. It is a good point to get anywhere else in Zagreb.

Ban Jelačić Square on a rainy evening

Ban Jelačić Square on a rainy evening


What to do in the evening?

Theater and cinema

Most of the theaters in Zagreb perform only in Croatian. The National Theater includes English plays in its program more often. Seeing a play there may be difficult because the tickets are usually sold out in advance. Still, you can get to one of the malls and enjoy a movie. The foreign films are always subtitled in Croatian. The local films may or may not be subtitled in English, so be sure to check that prior to buying tickets.

Buy the famous Šestine umbrella

The Šestine umbrella is one of the recognizable souvenirs of Zagreb and Croatia. It dates to the 18th century and is a part of the folk costume worn in the Šestine region of Zagreb. The Šestine umbrellas are known for their style and quality. They are also considered an excellent gift, both traditional and practical.  You can easily find and buy Šestine umbrellas at any souvenir shop in Zagreb.

Sestine umbrellas

The red umbrellas at Dolac market are also Sestine umbrellas


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