The new situation with COVID-19 brings out a lot of topics. Although ruined travel plans may not be as important as health concerns, or the isolation we have to face, it is a perfectly fine topic to address in a travel blog and one that some of us have to deal with.

So here are several tips that will make you feel better despite the uncertainty surrounding tourism and travel in 2020.

1. Claim Compensation for your trip(s)

If you love to travel, you probably had some travel plans for this spring. And then you had to cancel them, of course. Well, be sure you know your rights and claim whatever compensation you are entitled for. All the travel-related businesses suffer great damage due to the coronavirus outbreak. Still, everyone’s passenger rights are protected, so just stay calm and informed. It’s going to be ok.

Having your money back for a trip that never happened is sure a good start to feeling better about the situation.

2. Research, Plan, Repeat

Staying at home for weeks has many disadvantages. Yet, there is more time for research and preparation for the next big thing. What better moment to plan the perfect trip and read as many blog posts and reviews on the destinations you want to visit?

Also, now that it is not as easy to hop on the next flight, your imagination would go wild and you will probably end up at a much more interesting place.

You can easily plan more than one vacation to plenty of locations. Think of it as a school project if you will. Get creative and illustrative. Pinterest is a great tool for planning, but why not using actual maps, calendars, boards and drawings to plan the dream excursion of yours. Schedule the trips and just have fun!

Travel plans, Photo-by-Vojta-Kovařík-from-Pexels

You have the time to plan the best trip ever!


3. Prepare a bucket list of destinations you want to visit

We all have places we are crazy about visiting. Mine is Iceland. Followed by Italy and Austria, which I have visited on numerous occasions, but need to go again and again. What about you?

Creating an actual top 10 bucket list destinations is a fun way to plan your future adventures and challenge yourself. Try it out with your significant other or friends and see if your dream destinations match.

Travel plans to Austria

One of my favorite trips ever was to Salzburg and Hallstatt and I would love to visit again!


4. Save money

Saving money may be tricky in the current environment, especially if one’s income is lower or gone. Hopefully, you still have your job and are working from home. If so, you can actually save some cash during the period.

Staying at home means no fuel for your vehicle or public transport expenses. No entertainment outside, no restaurants, shopping, or fancy parties. Just groceries.

So saving some money can even happen naturally. It also feels natural to spend them on traveling afterward, to compensate for the long stay-at-home period.


Save money and plan the budget for your next trip


5. Try Virtual experiences

We live in 2020 and everything is digitalized. Get advantage of that and try the virtual tours many museums offer. It won’t be the same as being at the place you want to visit, but you’ll have enough time to concentrate on different paintings and pause the experience whenever you want.

Exploring the Egyptian Antiquities at the Louvre from your couch is nice! Plus, being at the Louvre you’ll need several days to walk around the different exhibitions.

My personal recommendation is to check out Sibenik in Croatia from this point of view.


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