1. Coffee all day long

It is completely fine to order coffee at all hours of the day. Unlike other countries where one cannot order coffee because it is 8:00 PM and the coffee makers are turned off, in Croatia every cafeteria serves coffee throughout the day. Plus, it is acceptable to drink coffee all day long. Locals like coffee a lot and usually drink one or two before noon, but it is absolutely normal to have regular coffee, cappuccino, or latte at any hour!

Coffee table night

My husband orders coffee even at evenings.

2. Alcohol all day long

Most cafeterias in Croatia usually offer all kinds of drinks and turn into bars as the day progresses. Drinking alcohol, however, is pretty acceptable at the seaside during the whole year and especially in summer. I am one of the fewer people that drink coffee at my favorite café at Jadrija Beach at 10:00 AM. The rest of the visitors are older men that drink either beer or white wine. Ordering something stronger is also an option. No one will judge you if you order alcohol before noon.

3. Free tap water

In Croatia, one gets a free glass of tap water with each cup of coffee ordered. It is ok to ask for it if the waiter happens to forget about it. It is also ok to ask for more tap water during your stay. I even ask for a glass of water when I order fresh juice for the kids, because they find the taste strong and always ask for water later.

Glasses of tap water prepared at a cafe in Sibenik

Glasses of tap water prepared to be served at a cafe in Sibenik

4. Tips are not obligatory

Every waiter would love to get tips but in Croatia it is absolutely fine not to tip in cafeterias. Locals rarely tip at cafeterias and if they do, they leave just some small change. Restaurants are a different story. Not leaving a tip at a restaurant would look strange, but is still not a crime.

5. Smoking is still allowed inside cafeterias

One of the things that really bother me is that smoking is still allowed at cafes and bars in Croatia. Unfortunately, you will smell like an ashtray when you exit an indoor café or bar. On the other hand, if you are a smoker, this is probably a positive thing, right? Smoking is not allowed if food is served, so restaurants are free of cigarette’s smoke.

Prices information

Prices in Croatian cafeterias can vary a lot depending on city and location within the city. Dubrovnik is well-known for the high prices at cafes and restaurants, especially in the city center. On the other hand, prices in smaller and not so popular cities are very reasonable. Paying EUR 1.70 – 2.20 for a cappuccino is considered fine. Here is a photo of the prices at Barone fortress in Sibenik:

Price list cafeteria Croatia

This price list is from March 2023

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