If you are someone who loves to uncover little-known and rarely-visited travel destinations, you will need to know how to discern when you have found one that really works in that way.

People have now been travelling so much around so much of the world that it is a challenge to discover new travel destinations. Nonetheless, it remains perfectly possible, especially if you are focusing on some of the following.

In this post, I’ll look at some of the clear signs that you have stumbled across a top travel destination which other people are going to love as much as you.

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Handara Gate in Bali, source: pexels.com


You Want To Live There

Have you ever been to a place and immediately started to feel as though you could probably live there? I felt that way in Bologna, Italy. This is an amazing feeling, and it’s one of the true gems of travel that this can happen at all. If you have ever noticed that, you are going to find that this is probably a clear sign that it’s the kind of destination you want to return to, and one you might want to recommend to the other people in your life. Don’t ignore this feeling.

Bologna in Italy

Bologna felt like home to me. Can’t wait to go back!


It’s Easy To Get Around

Generally speaking, the best travel destinations are those in which it is very easy and straightforward to get around at your leisure. That generally means that there are a lot of different options for travelling around the place, including a strong local passenger transportation industry, different kinds of public and private transportation to choose from, and a range of price brackets for people of all kinds.

If your newfound place has all this, it makes travelling so much simpler, and therefore makes the destination a lot more attractive to most people. The first cities where I noticed that were Vienna and Salzburg. I immediately found my way around, which was not the case in London.

Salzburg, Austria

Orientation in Salzburg is just so easy!


It Feels Safe

Few people actively relish in being somewhere that doesn’t feel safe. Especially when one travels with children, right? If you want to be able to recommend a place to other people, it is generally going to have to be as safe as possible in the first case. That means that you have checked the local statistics for crime and they are very low, but it’s just as much about how you feel while you are walking around and doing your thing.

If you get that feeling of just being in a safe environment, then you know it’s the kind of place where most people would feel comfortable to be. Croatia, and especially the Dalmatia region, is the safest place for me. 

Trogir, Croatia

Trogir in Croatia – a calm city just like most cities in Dalmatia


The Locals Are Friendly

You want to go travelling somewhere where people actually want you there. The best way to determine whether or not this is the case is to see how people who live there tend to react and respond to you. If it is mostly friendly, then that definitely goes in the pros column for that destination.

Of course, you are always going to come across one or two people who don’t want you there. But what you are looking to tune into here is the general feel of the place. As long as that is friendly enough, this is probably the kind of area where many people would love to travel. The frendliest destination I can think of is Barcelona. What about you?

Which are your top travel destinations?