Sibenik (Šibenik) in Croatia is getting more and more popular with both couples and families with children. The beaches are awesome, the old town is always exciting, and getting on a boat trip here guarantees fun.

However, as a person who knows Sibenik better than my hometown Sofia in Bulgaria, I want to tell you about 3 unexpectedly cool and fun places for children that you could easily miss out.


Aquarium-Terrarium is a small aquarium and zoo on a narrow street in the old town area that can be easily missed if you are not looking to find it. You’ll be able to see some fish, turtles, a crocodile, snakes, and other reptiles.

The entrance of the aquarium in Sibenik

The entrance of the aquarium in Sibenik

The aquarium is more suitable for younger children. Teenagers may not be impressed with its size or all of the fish and reptiles. Anna, who was 1 year and 9 months old when we visited in July 2019, was super excited! She looked with eyes wide open at the fish, turtles, and especially, the Mexican salamander – her favorite!

Child exploring the swimming turtles

Anna exploring the swimming turtles

Mexican salamander in Sibenik

The most interesting creature we saw in the aquarium was the Mexican salamander. Did you spot the black one on the right?

You should plan about 30 minutes to spend inside. The price is worth the experience. Plus, the place is excellent for hiding from the summer heat.

Aquarium price list 2019

Here is the price list for 2019


Barone Fortress

Despite how cool it is, Barone Fortress is not as popular as St. Mihovil Fortress nearby. Many visitors choose to check out only one of the fortresses in Sibenik but keep in mind that they are both worth visiting.

St. Mihovil Fortress and the sunset as seen from Barone Fortress

St. Mihovil Fortress and the sunset as seen from Barone Fortress

The combined ticket for both attractions in 2019 costs HRK 70 (EUR 9.5) for a grown-up. The separate tickets come at HRK 60 (EUR 8) for St. Mihovil Fortress and HRK 40 (EUR 5) for Barone. Children up to 7 years enter for free, and 7-18-year-olds pay half the price.

Child walking to the cafe-bar in Barone

Anna walking to the cafe-bar in Barone

Info sign at Barone Fortress

Info sign at the fortress

Also, Barone is more fun for kids out of the two fortresses. It has a ship-like playground, augmented reality spots and child-friendly environment where kids can run around and parents can enjoy a drink and the beautiful view over Sibenik. We often come here with our toddler to play around.

There is also a souvenir shop with several items that kids would love, like drawing books about the fortress, or wooden shields and swords.

Playground in Barone Fortress in Sibenik

Playground in Barone Fortress in Sibenik

You will need at least 30-40 minutes for the fortress, but plan an hour and a half and spend some time at the café-bar.

View from Barone Fortress

Aaah that view : )



Azimut is the top café, bar, art and music scene in Sibenik for the past several years. Right next to the St. James Cathedral, the absolute must-see of the town, this café-bar has the best location in Sibenik.

All kids love live music in Azimut

All kids love live music in Azimut

Doesn’t sound like the best place to visit with kids so far? Well, turns out that coming with children in the afternoon or evening is a great experience because they love spending time on the cushions at the green lawn of Azimut. They play together, arrange the cushions, run barefooted, and simply, love this place! Teenagers would appreciate the location and the ambiance, too.

Children arranging the cushions in Azimut

Messi and other boys arranging the cushions in Azimut

The inside of Azimut

The inside of Azimut is situated in a large medieval space of two floors, which served as wells and was built in 1453. It used to be a Sibenik Museum several years ago. They kept some of the old stuff, like a giant fish and the well you see on the pic below, and added cool furniture.

Child in Azimut in Sibenik

Anna in Azimut

In addition, Azimut hosts different exhibition throughout the year. It is a refreshing and not so touristy place to spend some time at. If it is raining, you can entertain your kids here.

Finally, there is an outdoor playground and a trampling nearby, right next to the sea, so you can combine Azimut with these two.


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