Spring is here and summer is coming up making us wonder what 2021 would look like. Is it going to be the same as 2020, or there is some light in the tunnel when it comes to travel?

Lockdowns or no lockdowns, travel is not the same as before and we should approach it differently. Yet, who does not want to pack their bags and enjoy a fine trip! We adapted to the new reality in so many ways. Let’s not give up exploring the world : ) Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with ruined travel plans in 2021…

Here are some safe ideas how to travel in these uncertain times and how to avoid risks and what everybody usually does when traveling.

Where to go

Keep it local

It is probably the safest if you keep your adventures local. Let’s be honest, many of us haven’t explored their own countries enough. We, Bulgarians, have the saying Explore your home land to fall in love with it (sounds much better in Bulgarian, I promise!). This is the perfect time to visit (and revisit) the top cities and travel attractions of your country. It is easier to plan and you can do it every weekend, if you will. Finally, it will be much cheaper than visiting an exotic foreign destination. You will also boost your country’s economy by spending the money there, so it’s a win-win.

Staying in Croatia for the past nine months, my family and I keep it local. We explore the beauties of Croatia and do a little trip in the county almost every weekend. We return to some location three or four times and still enjoy ourselves. We are also regulars at Krka National Park near Sibenik and Zadar.

Krka National Park, Croatia

Anna and I jumping during a visit to Krka National Park in February 2021

Visiting the countries nearby is also a good idea because you will be closer to your home place if new restrictions and rules occur. You can probably go back home faster and safer if traveling to a neighbor country.

Popular destinations versus little-known destinations

Popular destinations are famous for a reason. Florence is a wonderful city worth visiting many times. In the same time, it is best to stay away from the hit destinations if the Covid-19 situation does not look good at the time you wanted to visit. Instead, take a trip to a little-known city, like nearby Bologna. Visiting Dubrovnik is on everyone’s bucket list. Well, maybe it is best to try another Adriatic city and keep calm and safe.

Crowded Dubrovnik

The crowded Pile Gate in Dubrovnik – the pic is from July 2019


Nature tourism versus urban tourism

If you are not familiar with the term, nature tourism is tourism based on the natural attractions of an area. Staying in nature, hiking, camping, and visiting nature parks – these are all wonderful recreational and safe activities to enjoy in 2021. As much as I love urban tourism and visiting the beautiful cities around the world, in 2021 I prefer nature. How do you feel about this idea?

Iceland travel idea

Iceland offers a lot of nature attractions and seems perfect to visit in 2021; photo credit: Sam Kolder, Pexels


When to go

Off season

It is best to travel off season or at the times when you will avoid crowds. For instance, visiting a mountain ski resort in the summer may sound a bit crazy but can still be a lot of fun. Going to the seaside in early or late summer will be safer than visiting in the high season. Both Croatia and Greece are lovely to visit in June and September, for example.

Greece travel idea 2021

Crystal clear water in Corfu, Greece


Weekdays versus weekends

Most of us are free during the weekends and would plan our trips staring on Friday or Saturday. Booking your vacation starting Monday, or during the weekdays, is another way to avoid what most people do. The beginning of May and September marks several holidays in Bulgaria and everybody uses the free days to go to Greece. The streets of Sofia are empty, while everybody rushes to get to Greece as soon as possible. Maybe this trend will change in 2021, let’s see.

Where to stay

Private accommodation versus large hotels

The hospitality industry has suffered enough. Yet, to keep travel safe many prefer to book private apartments or villas, once again to keep social distancing and feel safe. The boutique, small hotels seems safer than the big hotels with large capacities. Private accommodation is equipped with separate entrances and usually provides more solitude to the visitors.

camping travel idea

Consider camping this year : )


Camping and mobile homes

We may live in times of restrictions, but this does not mean you cannot try something new. If you haven’t gone camping until now, why don’t you do it in 2021? Even if you camp at a local nearby site, it would still be a new adventure and a fresh experience for you. Many camping sites these days offer the so called mobile homes which are equipped with comfortable beds and proper bathrooms, if you are not a fan of sleeping in a tent.

Do you have other safe travel ideas for 2021? Let me know!

This is how to stay safe in Croatia in 2021.